The Company

Inlock is a peer-to-peer crypto-backed lending platform based in Europe. The Estonian based company was founded at the end of 2017, however, most of our team works from Hungary, and we also have some advisors from all over the world. We have strong cooperation with our local regulators to keep our services within the necessary regulated framework. 

INLOCK is a totally independent FinTech service provider, without any connections to big-banks or credit companies. INLOCK represent the new wave of future’s financial services. Although we walk in an undiscovered way, our experiences give us strong support to do it confidently. The core members have more than 10 years of traditional financial services (focused on lending), so we know exactly what we could do better.

Everyone in our team is unique and contributes to the success of INLOCK in her or his own way. We work with experts from different fields: IT, Blockchain Development, Marketing, Business Development. What we all have in common is the interest in Blockchain and FinTech solutions, the desire to always learn more and the willingness to create an amazing community.

INLOCK the dev team!
INLOCK - release team


Our Mission

The purpose of INLOCK is to connect those who already have cryptocurrencies – but have so far been unable to use it efficiently – with those who want to benefit from their cryptocurrencies without being exposed to the exchange rate risk.

Our values

Be accessible

Be accessible

Financial services to individuals, that have mostly been available only to institutional investors. The platform’s services can also be used by a person with an average salary, thanks to the P2P model.



We have recognized that innovation is key to keep our consumers satisfied, so we always make sure to meet our users’ changing needs. We do not satisfied with ordinary services, so we build better ones! 

Build a community

Build a community

It is our goal to provide a peer to peer platform with reliable and responsible users, where our customers are able to find the best offers. INLOCK is equal to its community, we have nothing without them. 


Csaba Csabai
Csaba CsabaiCO-FOUNDER and CEO
Csaba is a crypto and blockchain evangelist. He is an independent cryptocurrency related blogger and a well-respected member of the crypto-community. He spent the last 10 years working for the second largest bank group in the world: KBC. He participated in the implementation and development of core banking solutions and built up several lending systems. He wishes to combine his exceptional traditional banking with his blockchain knowledge to deliver real solutions to valid use-cases of collateral-based lending in the crypto-world.
Péter Gergő
Péter has been a private entrepreneur for 15+ years, assertively striving for solution delivery mainly in volatile, fast-growing and quick-changing business environments with strong marketing, PR and business development experiences.
As INLOCK co-founder, Peter is responsible for developing and keeping up INLOCK’s sustainable business practices as a way to not only minimize its environmental footprint but also increase profits and efficiency.
Viktória Kazár
Viktoria is a results-driven professional with more than 20
years of experience in the field of business with a heavy focus on financial services. She helped in the introduction of account management systems at world leading banks. She has already achieved results in several fields as a project manager, not to mention her great experience in IT field. After working for more than 10 years at SAP Hungary, she started her own company named IP Technologies Kft. which is the data provider and handler of INLOCK.
Péter Angyal
Péter brings more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He has designed image-processing algorithms, researched p2p data distribution networks and developed dispatching-center applications. Peter is a proficient solidity developer and strongly believes in Ethereum. In his spare time he digs into the Ethereum blockchain data and gathers interesting statistics. He has held various software-design positions throughout his career, including at companies such as Astron Informatikai Kft., LogMeIn, GE Healthcare and the University of Szeged
Mikk Maal Dr
Mikk is a serial entrepreneur who has founded more than 10 businesses so far. He is currently a partner and a CEO of Comistar International, a company dedicated to helping legal and finance professionals to succeed and grow their businesses. He is also a co-founder of the Digital Renaissance Foundation, a company focusing on ICO advisory and licensing of cryptocurrency projects in EU countries (Estonia, Switzerland, Luxembourg). He is also a co-author of a blog on crypto and a bestseller e-book titled “Navigating Through Cryptocurrencies: Introduction, Investing, ICOs and Interviews” which was number one in three categories on Amazon’s Kindle store.
Zsolt Gilányi Dr
Zsolt Gilányi DrADVISOR
Zsolt is an academic expert specialized in monetary theory. He received his Ph.D. in Economy from the Corvinus University of Budapest and from Université Paris-Est. He published numerous monetary studies in major academic journals. Currently, he is the head of the Department of Economics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
György Cseh Dr
György is a seasoned asset manager with 20+ years of experience. He previously has had senior management positions and responsibilities in the fields of finance, investment and asset management. As an Ex- CEO of CIB Investment Fund Management Ltd. (Intesa Sanpaolo Bank), György was responsible for more than USD 1,5 billion worth of assets. Prior to that, he was Deputy CEO of Budapest Fund Management Company (GE Capital). Currently, he invests heavily in moving the crypto ecosystem forward. György holds a Masters degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Law and he is also a Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst.
David Sabo
Dave has been building technology companies since 2012 all across Europe, from Budapest to London. He gained experience in tokenization as former Head of Global of He worked with over 30 companies in the last 10 years gaining a unique blend of experience in product design and business development. Since the end of Inlock’s successful token sale, he’s been helping our growth as a business development advisor.
Ananda Parrot
Ananda is an expert in developing automated control systems who always searches for new technologies especially blockchain and disruptive solutions. He is a native English speaker and a brilliant performer who never stops to amaze his audience with his bubbly personality.
Antal Károlyi
Tony supports Inlock with his quantitative modeling knowledge as co-founder of Symbol Network. He is the founder and president of the Hungarian Business Angel Network. He also co-founded Traction Tribe, a technology accelerator. He has a combined 12 years of experience as a quantitative analyst and interest rate options trader at investment banks in Frankfurt and London. Holds a PhD in statistical physics.
Lucía Zea-Mayoría
Lucía is a beginner marketing expert, focusing mainly on the management of INLOCK’s social media channels and PR announcements. She is also responsible for maintaining contact with our customers from the Spanish and Latin American region.
Andor Rajci
Andor is an experienced software engineer, a zealous smart contract coder, one of the most experienced token coders in the CEE region. He is passionate about designing distributed systems and communication protocols based on blockchain technology.