Issued: 2014-07-23
Added to Inlock: 2019-01-16
Available services: Savings, Swap, Tokenmarket pair, Loan Collateral
Preferred block explorer:

Ethereum is a reconsediration and redesign of the cryptocurrency technology itself. The goal is Ethereum network is definitely far than just a simple digital currency. The author of Ethereum Network (Vitalik Buterin) tried to create a complete decentralised asset and program ecosystem with millions of tokens and decentralised applications (dapp) built on this tokens. Today anyone can access decentralised financial services, like: savings/earn, loans, exchanges, insurances without any connection to any centralised and regulated entities. You don’t need more to access this service, just a simple browser extension, like: Metamask. Ethereum Network based asset is the ETH (Ether) and this is also the network access fee token (gas) as well.