Do you have an INLOCK account? If so, then you can easily access our borrow service.

You just need to deposit your collateral and afterward, you can get loan offers over the Service->Borrow menu. If you accept the offer, you will immediately get the borrowed amount.

All loan contracts are protected with collateral. You can set your overcollaterization level as you want.


The minimum amount is 100 USDC. If you place 0,1 bitcoin as collateral with a 150% overcollateralized contract, then you can get ~664 USDC loan in case of a 10000 BTC/USDC exchange rate.

Based on the current price level.

The minimum loan amount is 100 USDC

This is essential in crypto-backed loan services. We do not need to get any verification or make a credit check in order to get loans. Typically, customers that use INLOCK and similar services, are those who want to keep their cryptocurrencies but want to use their purchasing power to solve short term liquidity problems.