INLOCK is a peer-to-peer platform where borrowers and lenders can freely set their positions and contracts’ details at anytime.

INLOCK is a perfect solution for those crypto holders that have short term liquidity problems and do not want to sell their crypto assets. Anyone can get loan after depositing their cryptocurrency and locking it as a collateral. No credit checks, no credibility scoring and customers do not need to wait for loan amount crediting, it is instant! All loan contracts are overcollateralized, which means: the collateral’s value has to be higher than the actual debt. In any other case, our automatized collateral management function will terminate the position and repay the loan automatically. Our customers have many ways to manage their loan contracts, such as: adding or withdrawing collateral from a contract, partially repaying their debt or terminating their contract.

Also, anyone can be a lender on INLOCK’s platform without any limitation, and earn interest while helping out others with instant liquidity. INLOCK is working with stablecoins (USDC), so the only necessary step to get started is to deposit USDC on the INLOCK platform and set up your lending position preferences (include your APR).