The transfers of cryptocurrencies are made by open blockchains, for which reason we cannot immediately credit incoming transfers when they appear on blockchains, only after a certain amount of additional blocks. Use the list below to check the minimum amount of confirmation (blocks) required to credit a transaction. In all cases of remittance transactions, note down the sender side transaction ID (so-called txid), as with this ID, our colleagues can help you if a remittance does not arrive.

A minimum number of confirmed blocks required:

6 blocks in case of BTC and LTC
12 blocks in case of ETH, ILK, and USDC

You can check the number of confirmed blocks per transaction at any time in well-known blockchain explorer applications (eg or If your transfer does not appear in INLOCK after that block number, please contact INLOCK Support at [email protected] or live chat to indicate the transaction amount, the amount that needs to be transferred, the currency, and the crypto address to which the transaction was made.