The following reasons can lead to the closure of your account:

INLOCK is obliged to refuse the fulfillment of your errands and to exclude you or suspend your account in case you violate our policies:
– If one maintains an account on behalf of somebody else,
– maintains and manages multiple accounts,
– uses illegal software,
– acts fraudulently,
– starts an attack against the platform.

We can block your account due to the following reasons:

(a) use the website in a manner that violates applicable state, local or international laws or regulations;

(b) use the Website for any unauthorized, deceptive, or malicious purpose;

(c) any other behaviour that restricts or limits the use of the website for others, or that may impair the company or users of the website;

(d) the use of the website in a manner that can block, encumber, damage, or impair the website;

(e) the use of any robots, spiders, automated tools, or process to reach the website for any purpose, including observing or copying the materials on the website;

(f) having access to system, data, or information that we do not intend to make available to users;

(g) obtaining any material or information in any way that we did not intend to make available; or

(h) using the website for any purpose that was not intended originally.