In order to avoid foreclosure, the platform will continuously notify the client of any reduction in the level of collateral overinsurance. Margin call: 125%, 120%, 115%, 110%, 106% (if somebody is under 125%, he / she will, of course, only be warned about the levels that are relevant to him / her). This way, we are giving clients the opportunity to immediately intervene in the active management of contracts. The following features actively influence the coverage level of a running contract:

  • partial repayment
  • adding of collateral
  • immediate termination of the contract

None of these costs extra. There is also the possibility of withdrawing collateral.

Prepayment: The borrower always pays interest only for the period during which the loan is used, regardless of the term. In this regard, the only condition included in the above quote is a moratorium on the payment of the 10-day minimum interest.