Join Inlock’s Halloween party!

Let’s fill the bag with goodies together!

The Inlock team is organising an extraordinary Halloween party! Deposit $300 in USDC stablecoin between the 26th of October and midnight of the 31st of October, and keep it on your account until at least the day after Christmas (December 26). In return, you will receive a reward of up to $50 on the 1st of January, 2023!

Up to $50?

Yes! Rewards will be calculated based on your highest Membership level between 26th of October and 1st of January, 2023!

HODL your USDC with us on Inlock

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The rules of the game:

How will we distribute the prizes?

🥇In case you have a Gold membership (who owns a Gold Badge or 1M ILK tokens): you will receive an extra $50 reward on top of the yield

🥈 In case you have a Silver membership (owner of a Silver Badge or 100k ILK tokens): you will earn an extra reward of $30 reward on top of yield

🥉 In case you have a Bronze membership (owner of a Bronze Badge or 25k ILK tokens): you will earn an extra reward of $20 reward on top of yield

⭐ Without Membership, you can get an extra $10 reward!

The reward will be paid in USDC in all cases

👻 The client must maintain the membership level throughout the entire period, and if their membership level got lower, even for a short period, they will be rewarded accordingly to the lower level.

The payment of the reward is conditional

🎃 The client cannot initiate any USDC withdrawal between the 25th of October 2022 12:00 (CEST) and the 26th of December 2022 midnight (CEST) and must maintain a $300+ USDC crypto balance.

👻 Only fully identified accounts can participate in the promotion.

🍬 Only new deposits are accepted, internal transfers between clients are not valid. Only deposits with the promotion’s specific coin will be rewarded. The transfer of any other coin does not qualify for the reward, even if the source of the reward is a new deposit.

👻 Only the first deposit made during the advertised period is valid. If a client makes multiple USDC deposits between the 26th of October 2022 and midnight of the 31th of October 2022, they will only be rewarded if their first deposit is equivalent to 300 USDC. Deposits before and after the timeframe will not participate in the promotion and not eligible for the reward. It is not possible to combine multiple smaller value deposits.

🍫 In case your are sending the USDC from an exchange account, please bear in mind that the transaction fee is usually deducted from the transferred amount.

🍭 In case the client who participates in the promotion has previously registered on the platform with an invitation, the inviting client who is part of the new Pioneer system will also receive a reward of $10!

🕯️ This offer cannot be combined with any other current promotion, including the event where the user is in the collection period of the welcome bonus program. (The first 30 days).

👻 A client (one Inlock account) can only participate once and can only be eligible for one reward payment. The value of the deposit must be at least $300.

The term “dollar” in the promotion refers to US dollars in all cases. Inlock reserves the right to refuse to pay out rewards if there is any reasonable suspicion about the infringement of rules. All exact times in the promotion is in CET (Budapest) time zone. Inlock reserves the right to refuse to pay a reward in the event that a customer is suspected of attempting to circumvent the rules.

An additional $10 reward will be given for inviters!