We invite You to participate in
our Swap Competition!

Summer is here, you can swap the ice-cold coins!  2022. Up to $100 reward can be yours! The Inlock platform is announcing a trading competition with the main focus on using Swap! 🏆 Be the most active trader in July and get rewarded 1000 USDC & a GOLD Badge! 🥇

Participate in Inlock’s
trading competition!

swap illustration

We will reward the clients with the highest aggregated transaction volume within the platform.

What prizes will the winners receive?

🥇 First place: 1000 USDC + 1 Gold badge

🥈 Second place: 200 USDC + 2 Silver badge

🥉 Third place: 50 USDC + 3 Bronze badge

The event starts on the 1st of July and ends on the 31st of July.

The winner is determined by the value of Swap exchanges with the current rate of USD by the end of the month.

🏆 Only Swap transactions are valid in this game, other trade activities are not accepted (such as tokenmarket transactions or off-platform swap transactions, or any sales resulting from collateral liquidation)

🏆 Only completed Swap transactions are eligible for the game, offer requests do not count.

🏆 Only fully identified accounts can participate in the promotion.

We will provide weekly (anonymized) updates on the trading competition on the Inlock Announcement Telegram channel.

The payment of the reward is conditional.

🐣 Only fully identified accounts can participate in the promotion.

🐰 A client can only participate once and can only be eligible to receive the payment of one reward.

🍭 In case the client who participates in the promotion has previously registered on the platform with an invitation, the inviting client who is part of the new Pioneer system will also receive a reward of $10.

💐 This offer cannot be combined with any other current promotion, including the event where the user is in the collection period of the welcome bonus program. (The first 30 days).

The term “dollar” in the promotion refers to US dollars in all cases. Inlock reserves the right to refuse to pay out rewards if there is any reasonable suspicion about the infringement of rules. All exact times in the promotion is in CET (Budapest) time zone. Inlock reserves the right to refuse to pay a reward in the event that a customer is suspected of attempting to circumvent the rules.