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Why is it beneficial for me to get a loan in exchange for my cryptocurrency? Shouldn't I just sell instead?

The main problem when it comes to cryptocurrencies is, if I sell my cryptocurrency today, that is a final transaction. If I spend it, or exchange it, I lose all potential gains forever. So instead of spending it, it is more beneficial to get a loan - in order to finance my temporary liquidity problem and use my cryptocurrency as collateral for the loan. This way I can preserve the freedom of choice, should the price of the cryptocurrency significantly increase, I can always pay back the loan and get them back in full.

What are the guarantees of the buy-back option?

Every parameter of every loan are locked in token based smart contracts, and these smart contracts are written on the independent blockchain of Income Locker. Thanks to the blockchain technology these data is traceable, verifiable and impossible to manipulate. This also guarantees that the lender will be able to get its cryptocurrency upon repaying the loan at any time.

Which country's citizens can access Income Locker services?

Only the countries listed on the FATF blacklist are excluded from our system by default. This list exists since 2000 and its purpose is to fight global money laundering and terrorism. In addition to this restriction every client must respect their own country's regulation.

What kind of authentication is necessary, and how long does it take?

In accordance to global anti-terrorism and the fight against money laundering directive, all customers must be verified by their government issued photo ID prior to use any of our services. This typically takes a few hours to complete, depending on the workload of our KYC partner. Upon completing the registration, the customers are able to setup 2 factor authentication to further ensure their safety.

What are the official contact channels of the Inlock Team?

The official website address of Income Locker is
If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them here.
Official twitter:
Telegram: join

Is there any minimum limit on deposit, and what is the maximum loan limit?

The intervals for allowed cryptocurrencies to be used as collateral:
BTC: 0.05 -50
ETH: 0.5 - 500
LTC: 2 - 2000
BCH: 0.3 - 400

We reserve the right to change these intervals, and we will notify all customers accordingly.

What technology do you use? Why is the network based on blockhcain?

Loan contracts are made directly between the two parties; our service guarantees as an intermediary that all parameters of the smart-contracts are stored in our independent blockchain in a way that is impossible to manipulate. All terms that are included in such contract, are probative, so the lawfulness of a credit agreement between the parties is unquestionable.

Do you plan to provide access to Inlock systems through mobile platform too?

Yes, of course! According to our plans all of our services will be available to use on our mobile platform too.

What is the purpose of your ILK token? Do you have a schedule for the token sale?

Tokens acquired during the initial Token sale or purchased directly from our platform are an indispensable part of the Income Locker ecosystem. For each loan transaction, every loan applicant needs to buy a sufficient amount of token. More information regarding the token sale and its scheduling will be available through our official channels.

How can I buy tokens?

During the token sale, or later directly from the Income Locker platform.

Are the tokens transferable?

The tokens are freely transferable, the customers will be able to trade them in our internal exchange, furthermore the tokens are storable in appropriate wallets.

What is the development plan for the future?

Our roadmap will be published soon.

What are the pre-requirements to be able to finance loans?

In accordance with domestic and international legal regulations, the platform's creditors may only be holders of licenses to grant credit. According to Hungarian law currently in force for private individuals, commercial lending is not allowed, in this respect the MNB's position is clear.