What is INLOCK Superposition?

It is a completely new product class enabling you to deposit your cryptocurrency with options trading. There will be variants of Superpositions depending on various use cases. The first to be available on the INLOCK platform is the perfect tool for Fiat value preservation.

  • Secured: contracts backed by USDC!

  • Lucrative: choose based on market events!

  • Flexible: you decide when to make your move!

  • Amazing: an entirely new contract class!

Superposition | amCharts

Get a quick glance at how Superposition works!

On this chart, you can see all possible outcomes of your Superposition contract. By moving to different points in time you will see your actual contract value based on various market events.

Upon creating your Superposition contract, its USDC and ILK tokens value are equal – over time the USDC value is decreasing – with a minimal amount, according to the 4,3% APR. This amount serves as an assurance: you can relax, your value is preserved.

Since the market cap of ILK – in correlation to ETH (or other supported currencies) is far less, even a minimal market activity is able to influence its exchange rate significantly. This practically means, that by creating a Superposition you are guaranteed to always have the USDC value, AND you have the potential of realizing gains with your ILK tokens.

The Ether movement serves a purely visual purpose, to show what would have happened if you stayed in ETH instead of opening up a Superposition.

If you feel the market sentiment is going to shift positively during your contract, remember: you can close your Superposition contract any time without any additional costs and get back into Ether!

Introducing INLOCK Base Index

In the spirit of transparency, we make the INLOCK Base Index formula public: we implemented an exponential moving average that places a greater weight and significance on the most recent data points (also referred to as the exponentially weighted moving average) – an indicative value based on the trading history across all available exchange pairs of the past 24h on the INLOCK Tokenmarket. This implementation provides resistance against the market manipulations since we use this Base Index to calculate the ILK price when creating Superposition contracts.

This value used during the Superposition contract creation to determine the correct ILK exchange rate to avoid market manipulations.

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