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What does it mean?

In order to get 1200 USDC as loan using ETH as collateral at 120% overcollaterization rate for 45 days at the current exchange rate I need to place 6.23 ETH ($ 1320 worth) as coverage for my loan. The best offer on the platform right now is 4% APR.

What will it cost me?

$ 32 for the full duration and $ 5 worth of ILK tokens.

Best part is:

When I repay my loan I will get back my cryptocurrency in full.

  • 10
  • 30
  • 45
  • 60
  • 120
  • 180
My loan plan:
  • 15
  • 45
  • 80
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
Inlock is fast and seamless fast & seamless
Inlock has banking grade security banking grade security
Inlock has variety of cryptocurrencies large selection of cryptos

Get the most for your Crypto! Crypto backed loans are available.

Crypto loans are available from $100! Customize your own collateralization rate to maximize your credit limit, or become a lender by depositing USDC and earn interest.

Recently we added two new supported collaterals: Litecoin and Binance Coin. With these additions, INLOCK’s multi-collateral function significantly improved, where the customers can store a combination of cryptocurrencies in one contract to mitigate the negative effect of short term price fluctuations. With multi-collateral support, INLOCK is one of the safest places when it comes to crypto-backed loans.

INLOCK token successfully listed on Liquid by Quoine exchange!

We are proud to announce that INLOCK token (ILK) is available in Liquid’s ILK-BTC and ILK-ETH pairs to trade!

What is INLOCK token and why INLOCK token is important for us? Check out the dedicated INLOCK token ecosystem page for more details! More info

INLOCK listed on Liquid by Quoine
INLOCK Platform desktop screens

1. Deposit Crypto Assets

to your INLOCK Account

Cryptocurrencies are stored in the INLOCK vault

Multiple security options for your convenience:

Sms Verification or Google authenticator

2. Credit limit immediately adjusted

and is available for you to use

No credit checks, no hidden fees

Fully customizable duration, overcollaterization rate. Browse for the best rates!

3. Set your own terms

contract and start spending USDC!

No fixed repayment schedule

It is entirely up to you – weekly/monthly or in one sum at the end of duration.

Minimum credit amount

starts at $100.

Once you go P2P

you never want to go back. Enjoy the best rates of market competition!

INLOCK Platform mobile screens

Register now and try our platform.

Join now to see the INLOCK experience first hand. Buy or sell ILK tokens on the platform’s own Tokenmarket!

LTV or Loan To Value ratio: is a risk assessment metric that refers to the ratio between the loan amount and the collateral value used to cover for the loan.

Normally a higher LTV ratio is considered higher risk, thereby usually making the loan more expensive for the borrower, while with a lower LTV ratio is considered a less risky loan. The LTV ratio is calculated by dividing the loan amount by the collateral value. When using INLOCK, the collateral is always a form of cryptocurrency (in the beginning BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB with an additional currency every 6 months), the value of it is very easy to calculate. Our loans are always a minimum of 105% backed, so our lenders are ensured of full loan & interest repayment. In the case of traditional loans, higher LTV usually means higher interest rates, but with INLOCK this metric doesn’t play a role in sizing up interest rates, because every lender can rest assured their loans are fully backed.



Looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, but missed selling the tops? If you believe NOW is the right time to get some more and you lack the FIAT liquidity look no further! You can take out a crypto loan for your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Binance (BNB) to spend it while you HODL.



Get a cash loan against your crypto


Do you want to pay for a vacation, cover credit card debt or invest in home improvements, but don’t want to sell and lose your crypto positions?






Get crypto-backed cash loan for daily needs instantly, all without selling your crypto. Potential tax benefits for borrowing versus selling.


Support your day-to-day business operations with the fiat liquidity you need. All without losing future crypto potentials.


ICOs have a hard time finding a banking partner – however they can solve their liquidity problems by taking out a loan with us. Quickly accessing cash, for company and business development needs.

To start borrowing immediately, sign up on the INLOCK platform, deposit crypto for collateral on your account, customize your loan conditions and you are given lending offers within 2 minutes.

The system will send several reminders via E-mail prior to the scheduled repayment date. If you can’t make the repayment, the system will automatically liquidate a part of your collateral (cryptoasset) and pay your loan back.

There is a risk to lose collateral in whole or in part in case of non-repayment or a significant fall in the crypto market value. To prevent this, it is recommended to borrow a loan with proper overcollaterization level – also, monitor the market regularly and prepare for such events by adding more collateral to your running contract.

You can use Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance Coin and Cardano (ADA) as collateral. We extend the list of supported cryptoassets regularly.

To start lending, please sign up on the INLOCK Platform, deposit stablecoins on your account, choose the appropriate loan conditions and create an Offer – the process takes about 2 minutes to complete.

All loans provided on the platform are secured on the borrower’s cryptocollateral (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptoassets). During the loan term, the cryptocollateral are stored in the safe INLOCK Vault.

If the borrower fails to repay the loan, the system will automatically sell out (liquidate) the crypto-collateral and return the funds with accrued interests to the Lender in full.

No. To preserve true market competition the contracts are completed in an anonym way.


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Almost 72% of all INLOCK Token ($ILK) is in circulation!

INLOCK platform runs on the ILK token. Our token is the basic building block of the INLOCK ecosystem. We understand that the Achilles’ heel of token-based models will be how they are concocted to interact with the business model that underlies them; this is why we designed our token to be the fuel for the ecosystem. This is the only way to use INLOCK’s existing and future services. Read More in Tokenomics!

ILK tokens represent compensation for resources used; without the tokens, these costs would need to be deducted directly from the collateral, which is contrary to the philosophy of the INLOCK platform as it was created to mobilize the purchasing power of cryptocurrencies without having to sell or trade them.

Official $ILK token technical information

From a technical aspect, $ILK tokens will be released under ERC20 token standard. Each ILK token can be divided by up to 8 digital places. Official contract address is: 0xf784682c82526e245f50975190ef0fff4e4fc077 Token smart contract source code is available on GitHub!

Bitcoin’s ecosystem desperately needs a lending solution like INLOCK that can not only solve the cryptocurrency spendability problem in the short-term, but also enable users to keep their coins in the long-term.

Allen Scott, Bitcoinist

We live in exciting times, is not simply a platform but a gateway to future banking services.

Tamás Turcsán

INLOCK is solving a real problem for token investors, and as importantly, the experience and capabilities of the team provide a real good chance of successful execution of the plan.

Mikk Maal

Finally, an ICO that outperforms its promises.

Good job!

Balazs M.

In this very stochastic market sentiment, you cannot do better with your savings that use it as liquidity in a loan position.

Nobert Radoki,

We are proud to present


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