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How can I protect my INLOCK account?2021-06-12T15:11:12+00:00

Security Reminder: check the URL you are visiting and enable 2FA. Do not disclose your password or make transactions with anyone claiming to be INLOCK employees.

Security checklist

– Make sure you are visiting prod.inlock.io to prevent any phising attacks. Only download the mobile app from official app stores!
– Never install any browser plug-ins that claim to be associated with INLOCK.
– Never share any personal account details to anyone that claims to be an INLOCK Support Representative.
– Never tell your password or 2FA codes/keys to anyone, including INLOCK Support.
– Never send funds to anyone claiming to be a member of INLOCK Support.

Since mid of 2020, on INLOCK platform the 2FA (two-factor authentication) is mandatory to register new withdraw addresses and to perform secure login. We strongly advise our customers to use 2FA authentication. Please make sure that you are using the official Google Authenticator or Authy application from Google Play or the Appstore!

Email-based security, temporary lock and forced account lock

INLOCK platform generates email warnings from security events, for example: password reset, disable 2fa or temporary account lock after 5 invalid login attempts. In these emails, you can find a “LOCK ACCOUNT” button, to close your account until you can reach out INLOCK support.

How can I buy or sell ILK token on Inlock Tokenmarket?2022-11-09T13:20:03+00:00

ILK token is the membership token of the Inlock Platform that can be purchased and sold on the Inlock Tokenmarket.

Access the Tokenmarket on app.inlock.io under the services menu, where you can buy or sell your ILK tokens for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and USDC coin pairs.

On the Inlock Tokenmarket, you can place orders at a predetermined price as well as place orders to buy and sell immediately. Tokens put on offer will be sold depending on the demand.

Choose the trading pair you prefer (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC)!
Enter the quantity and price you want to sell and click on the Sell or Buy button! You will see your orders in the running transactions.

Once the order is fulfilled, the token will be added to your Savings Account.

Tokenmarket is only available after a fully approved customer identification.

You can also trade ILK tokens on the Liquid exchange.

Please be careful if you wish to purchase tokens from another source, such as an exchange not supported by Inlock or from an individual. These are not guaranteed to be reliable.

What is INLOCK token, the circulation and the total supply?2019-11-26T20:27:24+00:00

The INLOCK token (ILK) is a standard ERC20 utility token. It runs on the Ethereum network.

The Total token Supply is: 4.400.000.000 ILK

Token address: 0xf784682c82526e245f50975190ef0fff4e4fc077

Token Symbol: ILK

Decimals: 8

You can check the circulating supply on our Coinmarketcap profile page on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/inlock/

I have not received the confirmation e-mail to verify myself.2019-11-03T05:34:27+00:00

Please check all your folders, especially the “Spam” section.

What is ILK good for?2022-08-17T17:06:07+00:00

The INLOCK token (ILK) is the membership token of the INLOCK platform. Token owners can realize higher interest rates on their cryptocurrencies by storing them in their Savings Account. You can read about our current Bonus Levels here: https://inlock.io/2020/12/21/bonus-levels-at-inlock/

Using the INLOCK Savings Account is free of charge.

Members of the INLOCK Prime Program can initiate voting on changes regarding the platform with the amount of their own ILK token.

The ILK token is available to buy or sell on the https://prod.inlock.io/tokenmarket or the https://www.liquid.com websites.

ILK is a standard ERC20 utility token that runs on the Ethereum network.

The total token supply: ILK 4,400,000,000

Token Address: 0xf784682c82526e245f50975190ef0fff4e4fc077

Token symbol: ILK

Decimal digits: 8

You can follow up on the circulating stock at Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/inlock/

For more information please visit our site  https://go.inlock.io/token


What is Inlock?2021-09-25T15:29:22+00:00

Inlock is a Savings Account service for cryptocurrency owners.

The platform offers Savings Account and Loan services for their Clients. Users of the crypto wallet can receive interest yield while providing liquidity for the borrowers, all of these without any commitment or restriction. The interest is credited on a daily basis and paid on a weekly basis. The interests published by the platform can be understood on a full year term.

Borrowers can take out over collateralised loans. Inlock supports multiple types of cryptocurrencies, like the popular Bitcoin, Ethereum, but the USD and gold-based stable coins also play an important role. The platform is fully automated and is in operatation since 2018. Thanks to the automatic collateral management, Inlock guarantees that the lenders will regain access to their funds.

Inlock’s platform places a strong emphasis on the security of the system. The platform was launched by cybersecurity experts and it proved to be successful at an extensive IT security and process examination during the summer of 2020. The platform handles the client assets, which are stored in a high-level security system provided by Fireblocks. It was audited by Ernst & Young, one of the largest auditor companies in the world, and received the SOC 2 Type II certification.

By using the Saving Account service, our Clients can acquire a significantly higher interest income beyond the basic interests, if they possess the platform’s proper token as well (ILK token). The ILK token is in circulation since 2018, its security was tested by the auditor company CoinFabrik, and was traded in more than 100 million USD value in different exchange markets up to this day. Our Clients needs to own a predetermined amount of token (25 thousand, 100 thousand or 1 million) to reach levels of  significantly higher interest.

The web application of the Inlock platform can be reached at www.inlock.io

What is 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) and how does it work?2021-08-27T18:13:52+00:00

With 2FA Verification, you’ll protect your Inlock account with both your password and your phone.

Signing in with 2FA Verification is easy.

  1. Go to the sign-in page and enter your username and password like you normally do.
  2. Then you’ll be asked for a second verification step, like a six-digit code or a prompt, which you’ll receive from Google on your phone. 

If you set up 2FA Verification, you can use the Google Authenticator app to receive codes even if you don’t have an Internet connection or mobile service.

Authenticator app 2FA codes are based on time and thus require the time on your phone to be in-sync with the official time.

If your phone’s time is out of sync, or if you have changed time zones, the best way to fix it is to change the time settings on your phone from “Manual” to “Automatic”.

On iPhone

Go to the Settings app -» Select General -» Select Date & Time -» Enable Set Automatically

On Android

Go to the Settings app -» Select General Management-» Select Date & Time -» Enable Automatic date and Time

If you see two positions for your Inlock account in your authenticator application, please check which one is working and delete/remove/hide the other one.

If you still require assistance, please email our support team at support via inlock.io

Depending on the problem, we might have to disable the 2FA on your Inlock account.

Please note that due to security reasons, we will require you to provide us with specific personal information. Only after that, we will be able to disable 2FA authentication on your Inlock account.


Where can I buy ILK Token?2021-09-25T16:00:44+00:00

You can buy it on Inlock.io and Liquid.com 

Please be careful with other exchanges, there is no guarantee that you’ll  get back your deposits.

How can I buy on INLOCK Tokenmarket?


You can use the Token Market with finished KYC.


Where and how can I ask for help?2020-12-12T16:17:19+00:00

Contact the [email protected] email address for reaching out to the colleagues of the platform.

What does termination mean?2021-08-27T18:23:20+00:00

When the value of the crypto used as collateral is falling below 105% of the loan amount, Inlock’s “collateral manager” system automatically sells your collateral and pays back the loan from it.

The borrower can choose not to pay back their loan on time, but in this case, the required amount terminates to repay the loan and the remaining collateral is credited to the client’s account.

It is also possible for the client to ask for a termination themselves. The system automatically sells the part of the collateral which is needed to repay the loan in this case.

How quickly does Support respond to questions?2019-11-27T09:28:59+00:00

You can reach us via live chat or email mostly between 08:00-21:00 CET. Occasionally, we process the requests outside the opening hours as well, but we can not guarantee this.

For support questions, you can contact us directly via [email protected] or live chat.

What are the terms of using Inlock?2021-09-25T16:12:14+00:00

Our Clients need to accept Inlock’s Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

They have to declare that they are acting on their own behalf and are actual proprietors of the Inlock account, also they have to be an adult and habitant of a tax resident country which cannot be one of the following:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Ghana, Guyana, Iraq, Iran, Jamaica, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar/Burma, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Syria, Lao PDR, Syria Arab Republic, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPR Korea). Texas State, The State of New Jersey, Alabama and New York State 

It is required to declare if the Client is a politically exposed person. A natural person who plays an important role in public duty (or has played during one year prior to the registration) qualifies as a politically exposed person.

INLOCK handles cryptocurrencies solely, therefore the Client has to take note that they are only able to deposit those cryptocurrencies that are accepted on the platform.

What is the maximum loan amount?2020-12-20T14:49:38+00:00

The maximum loan amount is determined by the available collateral of the borrower and their selected LTV level. (LTV: Loan-to-Value).

I lost or replaced my phone what should I do?2019-11-03T05:48:22+00:00

Please send an email to our support team at [email protected]inlock.io

Was your smart contract audited by an independent cybersecurity company?2019-11-26T20:29:19+00:00

Yes, the INLOCK Token Smart Contract was audited by Coinfabrik.

More info at Coinfabrik’s page: https://blog.coinfabrik.com/inlock-token-sale-audit-report/


What is the official mail address of INLOCK?2021-06-13T04:23:17+00:00

Feel free to contact the INLOCK staff directly via [email protected]

If you have any GDPR questions, please contact us via [email protected]

When do I have to verify my identity?2022-07-30T16:41:52+00:00

When you login for the first time, you must enter your email address and confirm it by clicking the verify button in the reply email. You also have to verify your telephone number by providing the code received via SMS.

All Inlock services can only be used after completing the entire customer identification process. Including Tokenmarket, loan borrowing function, deposit and withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the platform, or swap coins and tokens. You also only can access the different bonus programs, the internal transfers and certain security services after your completed customer identification.

Completed customer identification is also required to earn interest.

In case of account compromise, our colleagues will request a repeated customer identification. Never share your account’s access information with others and only handle your own crypto assets on inlock platform!

In what currency can the loans be borrowed?2020-12-20T14:48:39+00:00

Loans can be taken out exclusively in USDC stable coin which has a value linked to the USD exchange rate.

USDC token is supported by most of the currency-exchanges and can be easily exchanged for national currency (fiat money).

How is my collateral stored?2021-06-01T07:37:35+00:00

All cryptoassets are stored on cold multi-signature wallets with distributed key storage. This is an industrial grade solution to prevent any misuse of funds on a technological level.


What type of documents are required for KYC verifications?2019-11-27T10:41:10+00:00

For identity verification, you will need your ID, driver’s license or passport.

To reach a higher customer identification level (with more functionalities), you need to prove your residential address, create a selfie with your ID and a paper with INLOCK & the date written on it.

How does INLOCK Borrow work?2019-11-27T12:16:26+00:00

1.) Register or Sign up with your e-mail address and your phone number, switch on Google 2FA and you are ready

2.) Deposit your crypto assets to your Secure INLOCK Account. The platform supports BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB. The credit limit will be immediately adjusted and available for you to use.

3.) Set your own terms, make a contract and start spending USDC!

4.) You can repay whenever you want during the contract period. You can reduce the capital and further interest by making early repayments.

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted as a collateral?2021-09-25T16:26:34+00:00

INLOCK platform accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, and BNB cryptocurrencies as collateral.

We work constantly to increase the supported collateral assets.


Can I have a link to your GitHub repository to check the smartcontract?2019-11-26T20:29:57+00:00
When do I need identify myself?2021-09-25T16:25:29+00:00

You only need to specify your email address during registration. You also need to set up a two-factor authentication (text message or google authenticator) to add your withdrawal address(es).

We highly recommend to set two-factor authentication for login attempts as well!

You need finished KYC:

  • withdraw
  • swap
  • use the token market
  • borrow
  • send asset to other Inlock’s customer.
How long does the verification process take?2020-12-12T17:35:57+00:00

The INLOCK staff strives to complete client verifications as quickly as possible. During working hours, the process takes about 20-30 minutes, but in special cases, it can also take more than 24 hours. The lead time can be significantly reduced if the customer uploads documents with decent quality that are fully visible and glare-free. When uploading a selfie, it is especially important for the client to hold a sheet of paper that has INLOCK and the date of that day written on it, besides also holding the document used for identification.


In which cases can INLOCK suspend or close my account?2021-06-13T04:36:41+00:00

The following reasons can lead to the closure of your account:

INLOCK is obliged to refuse the fulfillment of your errands and to exclude you or suspend your account in case you violate our policies:
– If one maintains an account on behalf of somebody else,
– maintains and manages multiple accounts,
– uses illegal software,
– acts fraudulently,
– starts an attack against the platform.

We can block your account due to the following reasons:

(a) use the website in a manner that violates applicable state, local or international laws or regulations;

(b) use the Website for any unauthorized, deceptive, or malicious purpose;

(c) any other behaviour that restricts or limits the use of the website for others, or that may impair the company or users of the website;

(d) the use of the website in a manner that can block, encumber, damage, or impair the website;

(e) the use of any robots, spiders, automated tools, or process to reach the website for any purpose, including observing or copying the materials on the website;

(f) having access to system, data, or information that we do not intend to make available to users;

(g) obtaining any material or information in any way that we did not intend to make available; or

(h) using the website for any purpose that was not intended originally.

Is the use of INLOCK allowed in my country?2021-06-13T04:38:19+00:00