Earn Bank-Beating
Interest with Your Crypto

From the moment you deposit, your cryptocurrencies start earning up to 12% APY. Interest is paid weekly and compounded over time, so you can lean back, relax and watch your crypto assets grow. Withdraw anytime, with no lock-in period, no waiting and no fees.

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Binance SmartChain integration

Now you can deposit crypto assets via Binance SmartChain.

Inlock Interest Rates

    required amount of ILK token in Savings Account

    Don’t Pay the Price of Idleness

    Is your crypto sitting idle on your crypto exchange wallet? Are you keeping your savings on a traditional bank account? That means you’re losing money you could earn with Inlock.

    See how much you could earn by simply clicking on the interest calculator. Don’t forget – your interest will be paid weekly and compounded over time, which means your earnings will even earn interest.

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    How to Start Earning Crypto
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    Make Bank Without The Banks

    Don’t let banks use your money for close to nothing.
    Earn passive income with crypto.

    Government Bonds
    NEO Banks


    Traditional Banks
    Bank Holdings
    Government Bonds
    NEO Banks


    Traditional Banks
    Bank Holdings

    Peace-of-Mind for Your Crypto

    We apply the highest security standards so your crypto can prosper in safety. Our Inlock platform is equipped with top-quality security, protected by insurance and supported by real humans so you never have to chat with a bot.

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    Regulatory Compliance

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    Insurance Protection


    Battle-tested Security

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    24/7 Human Support

    No Limits on Your Earning Potential

    Unlike our competitors, we do not put a limit on your earning potential! At Inlock, we do not lower our interest rates as your wealth grows. Whether you have 0.1 BTC or 10 BTC, you will earn the same interest rate consistently on your entire deposit.

    Deposit Amount Inlock Nexo BlockFi Youhodler
    Deposit < 0.1 BTC 5.04% 3.5% 3.5% 3%
    0.1 BTC < Deposit < 1 BTC 5.04% 3.5% 2.5% Any deposit over $25k value will earn 0% interest
    1 BTC < Deposit < 10 BTC 5.04% 3,5% 2.5%
    Deposit > 10 5.04% 2% 2.5%

    Information in this table was taken from public official resources as of Nov 6th, 2022. Interest rates calculated based on the highest available loyalty level with in-kind payment without any locking time, when applicable.

    No Small Print. Just Honesty

    We pride ourselves in being honest and doing what’s best for our clients. That is why we don’t hide our terms & conditions in sub-pages and small prints. You earn what you see with Inlock.

    • No fees or charges
    • No withdrawal limits
    • No minimum or maximum deposit amount
    • No earning limits or variable interest
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    We Go & Grow
    Further Together

    We believe that we go & grow further together. That is why we created our native ILK token, a token of appreciation. By holding some of your assets in ILK token, you become part of our Inlock community. To show our appreciation you will earn higher interest rates on crypto deposits and borrow crypto at a lower cost.

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