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Your Greater Liquidity

Inlock White-Label Services connects demand & supply and allows you to expand your digital service offerings. Trough iWLS you can create a new revenue stream by offering your clients earning function through a seamless, automated and easy-to-integrate API solution. All the while rewarding you & your clients with high interest rates.

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Why iWLS (White-Label) is the Right Service for You?

How Does It Work?

White-Label Services means there is no direct communication between the end-user and Inlock. Your brand remains the single point of contact for the end-users and our iWLS platform is integrated trough API’s with your interface, hence providing a seamless user experience for your clients.

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Step 1

Inlock provides API documentation, development & support with Q&A and sandbox testing environment for White-Label Integrator partners.

Step 2

On-boarding of end-users happens individually (with KYC validation).

Step 3

Interests are accounted daily, paid out based on your choice (weekly or monthly or yearly) both for you and your end-users.