With the help of several independent observers, researchers, and experts, we’ve actively and thoroughly screened our prototype, token economics and mathematical models underlying our infrastructure to ensure a successful INLOCK token sale. These in-depth reviews are helping us better shape our business and token model, to enable us to better meet the demands and needs of our users.

One finding resulted in the idea of doing a token split.

After receiving an overwhelming number of requests for this approach, it was brought to our attention during prototype testing that dealing with fractals creates an unnecessary inconvenience for our users. Once we understood the psychological impacts and effects of a token split, we considered the technological possibilities and realized it made no difference in our token model.

Mathematically, whether the token is priced at 1 USD or 0.001 USD makes no difference – the difference in total supply means that total market capitalization will remain the same.

As advocates of decentralization, we feel strongly about involving the community in every major decision that we make. Our objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers and the market, so we are proposing a vote because we need your help to make this decision.

Your contribution to ensuring a more desirable token model will be rewarded with 2 USD worth of ILK tokens. The first 1000 voters will be eligible for the reward. The poll will close on June 30, 2018, at 12:00 CST.

Please click this link to make your voice heard: Community Vote

You can check out our prototype here: prod.inlock.io
Feel free to join our Telegram  channel to get a better understanding of how INLOCK works.