Following the successful completion of our token split, – which was requested by the community earlier this month -, our team has also finished the token audit. After carefully evaluating a multitude of possible candidates, we decided to go with Coinfabrik.

Why we chose Coinfabrik to do our smart contract audit?

It’s simple. The guys over at Coinfabrik have more than 20 years of experience building and reviewing security applications. Soon after Satoshi released his gift to the World, Coinfabrik diverged into the field of cryptocurrency related security. Besides having completed thousands of successful smart contract audits, they also designed new cryptocurrency protocols and discovered various security vulnerabilities.
While doing our due diligence on them, we stumbled upon their blog. It is full of insightful articles by their team, which further strengthened our conviction; they’re the company we need behind our security! Their reputation is based on their work they did for many top blockchain influencers. We could go on and on about how their multifaceted expertise ranges from extensive smart contract analysis to exchange development, but let’s just focus on what’s really important here.
We received our results [available on their blog], and we were delighted by the results. It’s not that we expected anything bad to come out, it still feels good to be acknowledged by industry leaders.
Our team was working 8 days a week to deploy our smart contracts on the Etherereum main net, so we are proud to announce that after receiving the token audit, our token sale smart contracts are now live.
With this milestone behind us, we are going full steam ahead with a clear goal: unlocking the purchasing power of your crypto! We thank all of you for supporting us along this journey towards unrestricted spendability and making crypto backed loans a reality!

All the best,
The Inlock team