INLOCK is very happy to welcome two new members of our team. Peter Angyal, a blockchain token specialist, and Gabor Meiszterics, a blockchain software architect.

Peter brings more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He has designed image-processing algorithms, researched p2p data distribution networks and developed dispatching-center applications. Peter is a proficient solidity developer and a strong believer in Ethereum. In his spare time he digs into the Ethereum blockchain data, gathering interesting statistics.

He has held various software-design positions throughout his career, including at companies such as Astron Informatikai Kft., in Budapest; LogMeIn; and at the University of Szeged / GE Healthcare.

Gábor gathered substantial experience in the field of software architecture working on different kinds of process-driven IT projects, including CRM implementation and traditional and innovative investment solutions. He quickly moved from working on blockchain-related projects as a side project having them as his main focus. Right now, he is dedicated to bringing INLOCK to the masses, and his belief in our offering is truly inspirational. His work experience in the field includes companies such as, Dorsum | Investment Software; GAZLON Média LTD, which he founded; GE in Budapest; and at Midas European Property.

Welcome, gentlemen, to the INLOCK family.