Last week 3 members of the Inlock team flew out to Dubai to present at the International Blockchain Summit.

Benedict, our CSO gave a compelling speech about the spendability issue regarding cryptocurrencies, which will be available on Youtube after the studio edits.

The speech was very well received by the audience, many came to congratulate afterward, and it even landed us an invitation to a private dinner where conversations about Inlock sparked a lot of interest. Also, We participated in the panel talk:

We spent 4 days there, of which the first two we were preparing for our presentation, and after the conference, we had the chance to witness all the beauty Dubai had to offer. On the last day, we met with an individual who was really interested in our platform roles and also consulted with a local law firm to find out what regulations Inlock would need to comply with to allow us to offer our services in the UAE region. Of course, we are the ones who have to formulate the regulatory framework for the collateral management, matching service, lenders and the platform itself. We will complete this procedure in all regions before making our services available. Apart from the immense heat, Dubai was very kind to us. We learned a lot from the other presenters while teaching attendees about INLOCK, about how it’s the perfect solution for short term liquidity problems.