Our hardcap is $27.5M US which will be used for business and technical development. Instead of covering for crypto backed loans, we will focus our resources on expanding the business, establishing offices and partnerships in different regions.

According to our roadmap, we will open our head-office in the LATAM region in the 4th quarter of 2018 followed by the US in Q1 2019 and the Asian region in Q3 2019. Opening offices entails a rather laborious process getting everything off the ground in a timely fashion.

A very important aspect many before us missed, is that there’s no point in working out a service, a solution, or a platform if it’s illegal in the region they want to deploy it in. As stated in our previous article, we had to learn this the hard way. The majority of the funds raised on our ICO will be spent on business development – including credit regulatory compliance for all roles of our platform. Prior to offering our services in a new region, we must ensure we are compliant with all local regulations for citizens to take out loans from local, and even from foreign lenders. We will also need to pave the way for our collateral managers to make sure their activities are well-defined from a legal standpoint.

In every region we open new offices, we will strive to set up strategic partnerships with numerous partners to make sure INLOCK stays true to its promise of having lenders compete for borrowers on its platform. In order to achieve this, – and also to extend our user base – we must have multiple lending partners in all regions we have operations in. Another way we’ll be able to reach more customers is by establishing strategic partnerships the most popular stable coin providers so we can integrate their solutions into our platform.

We will also design processes that help lenders and borrowers establish API connections. Our goal is to eventually create a peer to peer platform where individuals can give out loans to one another, however, the regulation framework makes this impossible in most parts of the World currently. We are building out our platform to make the transition easy once regulators realize this type of fully backed loan isn’t the same as what they’re trying to protect citizens from. In the 4th quarter of 2019 we will extend our services with the introduction of a credit swap system and by obtaining the necessary licenses for INLOCK to be able to collect FIAT deposits as a form of savings account for users.

The credit swaps will allow the lender community to exchange running contracts with each other. With this addition, we will also introduce prediction AI to predict the termination overhead dynamically to assist platform users in selecting potentially safe margin call points.