INLOCK is proud to announce we made it into the finals of the 2018 CESA (Central European Startup Awards) competition, which will be held a month from today, on the 26th of September. With a continuously expanding reach, the award ceremony has a colorful palette of startups from Europe, Asia and Africa. According to the CESA website (, what they offer is:
“The best value to startups and other ecosystem players with global visions and a clear understanding of the steps they need to take to succeed. Central European Startup Awards does not offer financial rewards, we are the bridge that connects startup ecosystems to the global network, with a good international media attention and valuable package of services and exclusive conference tickets.”

The awards launched in 2014 in Europe, quickly becoming the region’s biggest no-pitch no-conference startup festival with events in 10 countries (Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia & Croatia) with the aim of inspiring, encouraging & supporting entrepreneurs all around Central Europe.

This is a very valuable opportunity to make ourselves known, to let the marketplace know we’re here to serve our customers! We couldn’t agree more with Ingi Rafn Sigurdsson, who’s the CEO of Karolina Fund (Iceland), regional winner of the 2016 Nordic Startup Awards in Best Social Tech Startup category, who said “It is great to be noticed, and even better to be recognized”. We experience this on a daily basis, maybe that’s why this statement resonates especially well. It’s one thing for people to say: okay, we get it, INLOCK is here, they exist, but it’s a whole nother level when they finally realize what we are actually doing, and accept us as a force to be reckoned with.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your wonderful support, we can’t imagine where we would be without you guys!
Our good friends at Shinrai won the Award in 2016 in the Best FinTech Startup category, and we are confident we’ll bring home the trophy this year!

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