Dear INLOCK community,

We are excited to announce our infographics contest! You can demonstrate to us your creative skills and the way you see our project. Our goal is to increase awareness and understanding of our project.  The idea has to be both creative & visual, while delivering as much information as possible. We have a lot of documentation and also some videos describing in detail what Inlock does, what we stand for as a team.


  • Infographics should fit onto an A4 page horizontally or vertically
  • Infographics should explain how INLOCK works and what problems it solves between crypto and traditional banking space
  • Format: Please provide both PNG and Ai formats
  • Be as creative as you can.

Judging criteria:

The jury will consist of 5 INLOCK team members. The Judges will select 10 Finalists and from that group we will select the top 3 winners.

At the end of contest period, the Judges will evaluate the entries based on the following criteria:

  • 45% Information Accuracy and Logic
  • 20% Clarity of explanation for non–technical members
  • 20% Number of reposts and likes in social networks
  • 15% Creativity, Visual & Design

Contest period:

The Inlock Infographics Contest submission period will begin Sept 4th 2018 and end on Sept 15th 2018 11:59 PM UTC+2)

Contest Entry:

To enter the contest you MUST:

  • Post to Twitter with #INLOCK #contest 
  • Upload your Infographics with the same hashtags you used on Twitter #INLOCK #contest
  • E-mail your entry in preferrably vector based formats (.ai, .pdf, .cdr, .svg)  (.jpg, .png will also be accepted) to [email protected] with your name, e-mail address, ETH wallet address in ONE EMAIL. Please note, sending separate incomplete emails will make our job of sorting them difficult, so please check the attachments  before sending.


One (1) First Place Winner will receive 30,000 ILK tokens ($300 worth)

One (1) Second Place Winner will receive 15,000 ILK tokens ($150 worth)

One (1) Third Place Winner will receive 8,000 ILK tokens ($80 worth)

All other finalists will receive 2,000 ILK tokens each. ($20 worth)

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