In this guide you will be able to see the steps necessary to access your advisory tokens, view the vesting period, the amount claimed.

We suggest to use myetherwallet to manage your wallet:

Step 1. select the contracts tab



Step 2. The information to be put in the required fields can be found on our Github
Look for the “ICO (Users should use this contract FOR CONTRIBUTION)” section, where you will find the contract address and the ABI information.

Step 3. Paste the required information to the respective fields, and press “Access”

Step 4. A dropdown menu will appear, select “Vesting”

Step 5. Enter your address, and press read.

Step 6. You can now read the required information regarding your Tokens vesting parameter. StartBlock is the blockheight when you are able to start claimin your tokens, Endblock is the blockheight when the full amount will be accessible to you.