For those with a bit of experience in the stock market or other financial markets, the correction which followed crypto’s epic 2017 rally didn’t come as a surprise. About 70% of cryptocurrency holders missed the ATH (all time high) of their coins, where failing to sell at the top essentially meant leaving money on the table, which of course nobody does willingly. Stuck in a bad position doesn’t mean their beloved crypto is in some way bad, or that it’s not the right investment, it just implies that it wouldn’t be worth selling at the moment because either the price they bought it at was higher, or they reminisce higher valuations and would like to turn greater profit. Whichever the case may be, one thing’s certain: most people don’t want to sell crypto holdings or they’re somewhat hesitant to invest it.

We knew that launching our sale in this sentiment was ambitious, but we decided to take on the challenge!

Despite the cruel market environment, 2 weeks into our public token sale we managed to collect $3.32M funding in crypto equivalent – $700K on our first day alone! Less than 50% of tokens  still available for sale before we meet our soft cap. This clearly indicates that we are on the right path. We are receiving contributions every day, but we probably need more time to reach our goals – therefore we extend the current bonus level of 12% until October 12th, 9% until November 12th, and 2% until December 12th respectively.

We started INLOCK earlier this year just as the market conditions were shifting, and we are still proceeding towards the goal to create something unique and truly useful: a lending platform which enables cryptocurrency holders to harness the purchasing power of their cryptocurrencies without having to sell them. Essentially, we give users the freedom of choice to help them make better financial decisions.

Our goals haven’t changed since we began. We have the necessary funding to develop the MVP and launch our platform – thanks to our private investors who have been supporting the project from the very beginning. We have always been communicating that our ICO serves a dual purpose:

  • To make INLOCK a global product fast. This goal requires extended financial background to ensure that INLOCK complies with all legal and regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions we enter with our service.
  • To introduce our solution to more people. Many have heard about us and we managed to gather an amazing community. The ICO itself is a great way to ensure that by the time we enter the market with our product we have the necessary outreach to get to our Borrowers.

As our followers can see, we are continuously working on spreading the word about INLOCK in prominent news outlets, like the great article posted on Bitrates yesterday.

As we promised, we will launch the INLOCK platform at the end of October where the token market function will be available among other core features.

We believe people will react positively when they see the platform is being launched, and that it will boost the confidence of investors, while we also continue the business development to build relationships with new lender partners. We believe that during this extension the market sentiment will also shift in a preferable way helping our project to succeed.

We would like to thank all of our supporters who invested in our vision even during these hard times!

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