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The B-DAY 2.0 conference finished on Friday, and the following few lines will describe the highlights of the event. The event was held in the heart of Budapest, in the extravagant glass architectural masterpiece called “The Whale”. It’s name has to do with its shape and the fact that it was built on the shore of the Danube. With two small conference rooms and one large auditorium, the two day event featured over 40 presenters from 9 countries. Among them were professional hackers, early cryptocurrency pioneers and developers, founders of successful crypto related companies, blockchain technology experts and renowned crypto bloggers to name a few. As you may know, the inventor of Bitgold, Nick Szabo also had two very interesting presentations about smart contracts and the origin of money. Many believe the legendary cryptographer who laid down the foundations of Bitcoin in his 1998 paper might be Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

Whether this thesis holds true or not was not answered, Nick’s presentations conveyed a lot of insight both into the mind of someone who’s been working on smart contracts for the past 20 years, and the potential unfolding of the crypto sphere itself. All presentations will be available on the official website soon, we will announce them on our telegram channel, so make sure to join!

We enjoyed the conference immensely, but what’s even more important is that Inlock sparked a lot of interest among visitors and exhibitors alike. Although cryptocurrency prices have been falling for the past 11 months, the community is still very active. What the media doesn’t mention when they warn us about the dangers of Bitcoin, and how crypto has died for the 356th time is that despite the bearish market sentiment, every single day dozens of smart minds get introduced to crypto and pulled into the space. With such a long lasting downward slope in the prices of cryptos we get to witness the tourists packing their bags and moving on, while hard core believers just wait it out with a smile on their face. We must look beyond the speculative nature of the markets before we can start talking about anything close to mass adoption.

We have brought forward the production and implementation of our exchange module which we have successfully tested with a few hundred customers at the conference with Their site uses Inlock’s exchange module that currently supports 3 types of cryptocurrencies.

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