Dear Inlockers!

We would like to thank you for participating in the multi-step bughunt program and the social bounty. Just within hours of launching our bughunt program we have received 100+ registrations to the prototype platform, the testing process resulted in amazing feedbacks. We are happy to announce that we successfully distributed the tokens. Please note that we are unable to send out tokens to incomplete applications.

We also distribute token rewards to social bounty campaign memberships as well. Rewards distributed:

  • 1790 participants got 1.000 ILK reward in the first social bounty campaign (1.790.000 ILK tokens)
  • 4722 participants got 900 ILK reward in the second social bounty campaign (4.249.800 ILK tokens)
  • 7220 participants got 200-1100 ILK reward (based on achieved steps) in the bitcointalk bounty campaign (5.689.360 ILK tokens)
  • 320 participants got 800 ILK in bughunt bounty/registration campaign (256.000 ILK tokens)

We also distribute 692.000 ILK to validated bug reports and 1.972.000 ILK to our partners for managing the bounty campaigns and help to reach wider audiences.

Sum of distributed reward to the public community: 14.649.160 ILK tokens!

If you think you are eligible for the reward, but you did not receive ILK tokens to your registered ERC-20 address, please fill in the following questionary [HERE]

#Update: link to questionary removed from this post after the final bounty campaign close.