Dear Inlockers!

We have closed our Tokensale and we promised to give you an insight into the sale statistics:

At the moment the ILK token contract contains 75% of the total supply, meaning that when the Team/Advisors tokens will fully be unlocked, the remaining amount will be 55% as unsold supply.

During the refund period in December, a mere 0.07% of the ILK tokens were requested for a refund, therefore the refund itself had close to no effect on the circulating supply. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the close to 1000 individual investors who participated in the various sale rounds and voted in favor of our project!

We have several active negotiations for further investments, which we will continue until September 2019. These deals will be concluded on prompt ILK price point – and will be made public when they are finalized.

Depending on the additional token sales the remaining ILK pool to be distributed in September.
Reminder: the remaining ILK pool will be distributed to addresses of our early contributors, based on their balance. All untouched tokens will be counted, including tokens holding on INLOCK platform as well.  

To give you an example: 

  • A customer purchased 10.000.000 ILK tokens in August 2018 during the private sale
  • Then he purchased another 1.000.000 ILK tokens in 2019 on the Tokenmarket, which then he transferred to the same address
  • Then the customer transferred 3.000.000 ILK tokens to the Tokenmarket and sold them
  • This results in his balance to be decreased to 8.000.000 ILK

Assuming his balance will not change until September, he is eligible for his reward from the remaining pool based on 8.000.000 ILK.

Let’s see another example:

  • A customer purchased 5.000.000 ILK tokens on July 2018 during the private sale
  • Then the customer transferred 5.000.000 ILK tokens to the INLOCK platform to store their tokens in a safe way and not touch that tokens until September (for example: not try to sell it on Tokenmarket)

Assuming his balance will not change until September, he is eligible for his reward from the remaining pool based on 5.000.000 ILK.

What’s coming for INLOCK in the near future: 

  • In order to comply with regulations, we will not facilitate ILK tokens to be listed on any 3rd party exchanges until September, although our customers are able to buy/sell ILK tokens in our Tokenmarket already!
  • Now that the Tokensale + administration pressure is behind us, we will focus all our efforts to release the products according to our refreshed Roadmap.
  • We will launch our brand new favorite: Superposition very soon!
  • By the end of February we will release stable coin loans – by this time we will increase our presence through our strategic media partners to channel the necessary attention to our platform

Stay tuned for more on our social channels!