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Dear Inlockers!

Before we take on what happened last week, let’s start with our favorite stats

10 days statistics

We are just over 10 days of operation at the time of writing, it’s just amazing to let you know that after 6 months of extremely dedicated designing, testing and coding the INLOCK lending function launched without any issues!

  • 12.2% of the lending positions collected in a month through our early lender’s program was allocated in the first 24 hours.
  • after the first week that has grown to 74.1%.
  • despite the high allocation rate, even several thousand dollars worth of loans are available for borrow in the 6.2% – 8.8% APR range!

With this, INLOCK has proven that the crypto-scene is mature enough to solve the issue of credit on peer to peer basis without financial giants and bank-scale liquidity. Also, we are happy to report that the INLOCK team fulfilled the most complex and challenging part of the tasks undertaken: crypto backed loans in a full peer to peer environment – that is a world first!

Consensus 2019

This year’s Consensus showed again, that it is not like other conferences, it’s not full of new projects, ICOs, it is all about showing off the world of crypto to the traditional finance world. welcome to Consensus 2019

What is the future of this tech, how we can use it for today’s businesses through various use-cases?

Inlock at Consensus 2019


This week was very impressive, lots of really engaged people throughout the industry and from outside just having really good conversations. It shows how far we have come in just a year!

Let’s move on to our next topic:

Brand new front page


As our UX/UI team finished with their task regarding the current release for the platform they were let loose to think out of the box and reimagine our storefront as well. I think they nailed it with this one don’t you think?


Our CEO, Csaba Csabai was invited to present INLOCK on 2 events this week:

Manager Expo 5.0 organized by Business Smart and the other being organized at Antall József Tudásközpont. Both events were centered around traditional financial players, and it was refreshing to see the surprised faces during Csaba’s presentation. A couple of serious players went straight to him congratulating to our achievements. Business owners who built their success from 0, especially in the fintech world, are able to acknowledge the significance of INLOCK and what it means for the financial status quo.


The next chapter of INLOCK is about building bridges, extending our reach and to grow. Part of this process is achieved via partnerships: after we were done with the introductions and the first introduction rounds we sent a ground team to Prague, Checz Republic. It is one of the major epicenters regarding cryptocurrency in Europe. We had great talks with our potential partners – we laid down the base of our cooperation and will continue the conversation in the weeks to come! Of course, when the frame is set we’ll announce them asap.

inlock in Prague 2019

Next week

We’ll host an INLOCK live presentation combining with BITCOIN Pizza day on the 22nd of May! The exact time + location will be announced on our socials. As always, stay tuned for more!

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