Dear Inlockers!

We are happy to announce, that we have released the 3rd service package update today, containing all public API endpoints for both the borrow and lending functions. What this means is that wallet service providers, exchanges and other financial firms are able to integrate INLOCK within their services seamlessly. There have been a couple of lending platforms in this space offering somewhat similar service, some of them already closed along the way.

The reasons behind are complex for sure, although these days, no application can afford to be an island. For mission-critical apps to reach their fullest potential, they need to be able to integrate effortlessly with internal and external systems alike, leveraging as much data and functionality as possible. It’s with this understanding of enterprise technology that we approach with our API services. We believe that opening these API endpoints publicly is a huge advancement for the industry as a whole. It is our mission to combine our efforts with other projects and teams out there, as mass adoption is an ambitious goal, and no single entity is able to deliver it for the benefit of the crypto community.

From this point forward, loan requests and lending allocations can be pushed in through API and they are processed automatically. The full API documentation can be found on the links below:

Should you require any assistance with integration, please contact us at [email protected]