Inlock Update illustrationDear Inlockers!

As in January, we are creating a roadmap for the second part of the year, in order to let you know about our future developments. Of course, we pay attention to our customers and their priorities, so deadlines could change depending on new needs from them.


In the following, we will describe our new products that are launching until September.

Modify loan overcollateralization level

This new function will enable our customers to add or remove collateral that directly changes the overcollaterization rate of a running loan contract.

Improving our token market

  • Buy-side of the order book also will be available on Tokenmarket existing trading pairs. Anyone can use limit or market price orders.
  • You will be able to place long-term maker orders.
  • Existing market buy offer selection technology also changed from LIFO to FIFO algorithm.

Redeem lender allocation

Lenders will be able to ask for withdrawal from their running and locked lending offers. In this case, the system will inspect if there are other offers that can replace the released allocation without making the contract less favorable for the borrower.

Early 2019 Q4 developments

We will have two excellent developments and you can also expect other token market improvements during this period.

Counter offersINLOCK 2019H2 Dev Roadmap

When asking for a loan offer, the system will look up for offers with a longer duration or a lower loan amount, but with more favorable interest rates. With this way, we are helping our customers to have better and faster access to a loan.

Unallocated lending pool statistics to help our lenders

We will provide statistics that enable the lenders to have information about the offers of their competitors. It could help to select the best options to start a new lending offer!

End of 2019

At the end of the year, we are planning on releasing further Superposition modifications.

Earn more with your Superposition contract

If you have a Superposition contract, you will be able to place out the locked USDC as a loan, so you can earn extra interest income.

Extend offer

Although anyone can extend their offer now with some extra collater, an official extend offer function also will be released: if the deadline of your contract is approaching, but you are not able to repay, you will have the option of extending its deadline.

With the extend offer function, on the INLOCK peer to peer crypto backed lending platform’s customers can manage any kind of special situation without the risk of substantial collateral loss. So on the next year, we will focus on our original unique INLOCK roles, for example, External Collateral Manager partners, Matchmaking Service Provider, Delegated Supervisory Board (a.k.a. Investor Prime) and we also would want to introduce some new products and more creative options to manage your loan or lending contracts!