Our platform has been providing loans since mid-May on a strictly peer-to-peer basis, which means that organic development is key for our success. It looks like this business model is working very well for us, so we are glad to share what we have achieved during this period.

Inlock what it means to decentralize the FIAT world

• At the moment, we have 4,800 registered users, from which 1,500 are actively managing their placements, borrowing or using the tokenmarket on a daily basis.
• Nearly 400 loan transactions are running in parallel and our total active loan portfolio exceeds 1.5 million in USDC.
• Right now, the loans are running with interest rates ranging from 5.5 to 8%, depending on the amount and the duration of the loan.
• A growing number of new customers is coming through our Affiliate Program, so we can grow together with our partners who receive rewards for their recommendations. As a result, in June our biggest partners earned around 2,000 USDC per person!

Amount of total distributed affiliate rewards

So, how are you rewarded for inviting partners to INLOCK? You can find out more about this in our Affiliate Policy (LINK), but we have collected the most important benefits here:

• After purchases made by the new customer on INLOCK’s tokenmarket.
• When signing a loan or a Superposition contract, you get part of the platform usage fee.
• In case of a Superposition contract, you can get up to half of the daily interest income!
• You will receive a commission when modifying or terminating a loan agreement.

Finally, we would like to remind our customers that as stated earlier, the commission rate will be decreased by 5% every second month (down to 25%) for NEW referees in order to reward early Affiliates better. This means that from today our commission rate for new referees will be 45%. The commission rate will not change for referees joined prior to the decrease.

Read more details on https://go.inlock.io/invite