We are happy to announce that we are releasing our new feature, so you finally can create an account for your business.

INLOCK helps companies whose income is mostly in cryptocurrencies and would like to refinance their expenses with crypto-backed loans instead of selling their reserves. We are the answer if you have to refinance milestones of long projects but also need to pay out employees on a weekly basis or manage the volatility of your company’s assets. With INLOCK you do not have to sell your own crypto assets at an unfavorable price. We are the best choice for those companies that believe in the crypto ecosystem and do not want to sell their future wealth.

On the other hand, we provide a solution for hedging your crypto investments’ risks. If you are looking for some profit while staying in stablecoins, INLOCK is the solution for you. You can deposit USDC, become a lender and start earning interest right now. What’s even better: with INLOCK, you can set your own interest rates.

The Process

If you would like to register an account on behalf of a legal entity (firm, investment fund or cooperating organization), you must complete the extended registration process for businesses.

  • First you have to register as an individual with a business email address and complete your personal customer identification process (tier 1 level).
  • Following that, you have to send us an email asking us to connect your account with your company’s data.
  • In the email you have to attach the following:
    • The business email address you used for your registration
    • Corporate Name
    • Corporate Address, Proof of Address (was issued within 3 months)
    • Government-issued business registration number or tax identification number
    • Certificate of Incorporation. The certificate must be also notarised and apostilled.
    • If the certificate of incorporation is not contained: list of all shareholders and percentage of ownership of the Entity
    • Resolution of Board of Directors or CEO to open a business account on INLOCK platform.
    • The Company’s nature of business/business activities
    • Source of funds statement for the INLOCK services want to use.

All of the statements shall be in English or Hungarian otherwise, a certified (notarized, apostilled) translation is required.

We really hope your company will be able to benefit from this new feature. Do not forget to follow us to get the latest news from our activities!

INLOCK corporate account registration is ready