Budapest, 8. Sept. 2019. INLOCK. Following the successful launch of INLOCK’s peer-to-peer lending product and business model validation, the INLOCK team is dedicated to making the service palette widely known and accessible. We are proud to announce that as a result of this endeavor, INLOCK has today entered into a partnership with WalletInvestor.

Veterans of crypto-ecosystem and crypto-traders may be familiar with the WalletInvestor’s name, as it is one of the most widely used investment analytics and forecasting portals that provides analysis and forecasts no only in crypto, but the stock, forex and commodity markets as well. With this partnership, INLOCK will exit from the box of crypto space and become visible and accessible to investors seeking traditional market products via WalletInvestors. The site has a huge visitor base, so the fact that the portal is on the list of the world’s 250 most visited sites in the ‘Finance > Investing’ category is not surprising. Through this collaboration, we are able to provide INLOCK’s services to a wider range, moreover to a client base that deals with finance and investment on a daily basis.

WalletInvestor’s analyzes and forecasts created by fully automated well-designed machine learning algorithms are viewed and used for decision-making by more than 2.2 million monthly visitors, who can receive up to 7-day quick forecasts in addition to free annual forecasts as a premium feature of the site.

So what do WalletInvestor algorithms think about Bitcoin now? Based on statistics from the past 30 days, it is still predicting a strong bear market mood, with Bitcoin predicted to remain in the $11,500 exchange rate band in a year from now. But what can be expected in the short term, even within a week? To find out, you must visit and watch the forecast there! In addition, our partner site provides up-to-date market analyzes, calculators and converters for exchanges, comparisons, reports and many more e-money related information.