I’m happy to let you know that a lot of improvements and new features have been released in the last weeks. You can find the complete changelog at the end of this article, but first, let’s see the most significant changes:

BNB coin added on Inlock PlatformBNB (Binance Coin) native BEP2 support!

Binance Coin (BNB) is supported over the Binance Chain, thanks for INLOCK supports native BEP2 transactions. INLOCK platform also became eligible to support BEP2 based tokes. Our goal is straightforward with this new feature: In INLOCK loans, BNB could be an alternative between Bitcoin and Ethereum as collateral. Thanks for this development; we can significantly reduce BNB withdraw fee!


Thanks for this development, when asking for a loan offer, the matchmaking system is looking up for counteroffers with a shorted due date or a lower loan amount, but with more favorable interest rates. In this way, we are helping our customers to have more comfortable, better and faster access to a loan.

Your lending and loans overall statistics!

Do you have more lending positions or more than one running loan? Do you want to check how much money do you earn from interest? You do not need to wait for more to see this information in one place!



New features:

  • Native support of Binance Chain, BEP2-BNB deposit.
  • MEMO based Binance Chain deposit support
  • Add initial support of Binance Chain based BEP2 tokens
  • Binance Coin (BNB) withdrawal fee reduced to 0.0005 BNB/transaction
  • New default tile view of balances on the dashboard
  • Add minimum withdrawal amount validation
  • Add zero commission fee for USDC withdrawal is special cases (when customer have running loan or lend contract)
  • Better visualization for contract summary on dashboard
  • Counteroffers support for loan offers
  • Withdrawal addresses can be deleted

Minimum withdrawal amounts are adjusted to:

  • Bitcoin: 0.002
  • Ether: 0.1
  • LTC: 0.25
  • BNB: 1
  • USDC: 10

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Cleanup lot of variant visualization on different views
  • Better handle of uncle/orphaned transaction handling and detection for BTC and ETH blockchains
  • Improve the SMS verification process.
  • Fix a bug when G2FA codes contain zero in the first place
  • Improve transaction history view with subsystem filtering
  • Set minimal loan repayment to 10 USDC
  • Improve the automatized withdrawal process
  • Improve details of closed loan contracts
  • Improve margin call level calculation
  • Improve and fix references in email templates
  • Fix lend withdraw limit calculation bug and allow to withdraw under 100 USDC free valued contracts
  • Turn off autocompleting of input fields
  • Add deposit and withdrawal hints to balances/dashboard view
  • Expand token market visible sell order book elements to 50 rows