Are you uncertain about alternative finance technologies, do you feel so slow the adoption? Based on the “Future of Finance” end of year report:

7000 bank branches shut down and 425,000 jobs lost — melting Banking into a glass half full.

Alternative Finance solutions can help to access better financial freedom and fairer redistribution! INLOCK and other alternative crypto-backed lending solutions could be the breakthrough point to mass adoption. With these peer-to-peer services, anyone can access their own savings real value without intermediaries. Ten years ago, almost no one knew anything from the future of cryptocurrencies; even fewer believed it. Today this technology is inevitable. Day after tomorrow will begin a new decade. We believe the next decade will be about the fall of the traditional banking system and the emergence of alternative blockchain-based finance solutions.

As the year comes to an end, set yourself up for the auspicious beginning and new challenges, which are waiting for you. One of our favorite things about the holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you for being part of our community and for making 2019 such an incredible year! Thanks to our amazing customers, partners, and team members for always pushing us to new heights.

Happy and Prosperous New year! Happy New Decade! ????