I’m happy to let you know that a lot of improvements and new features have been released today. You can find the complete changelog at the end of this article, but first, let’s see the most significant changes:

New Stake possibilities: Besides the existing ILK Stake, we added the Bitcoin and Ethereum options. As for bitcoin, we offer Stake options with the value of 0.01, 0.1 and 1 bitcoin, fixed one-month contract and guaranteed yield. In the case of Ethereum, the Stake option is for 1, 10 and 100 Ethers, fixed one-month contract and guaranteed yield. Both options offer not only the base interest rates but, in case the owner also has ILK token Stake, extra yields, too.

Consolidated Lending Log: ProLend events have been added to the previous version of this feature, besides Managed Lending events. This way, all loan-related events can be checked at the same place.  You also can apply various filters as wel.

Instant Credit Line: A new feature has been added to the Borrow function. With Instant Credit Line, you can borrow money using your extra collateral value from your existing Loan contracts – created as a result of favorable exchange rate changes – without withdrawing it from the running contract and making a new one. Besides having a much simpler process, Instant Credit Line has no extra fees.

Extended dashboard Running Contracts view: In the future, the view of running contracts will include the status of Stake options, without having to open the Stake menu.


New features:

  • Add ProLend events to Lend History view
  • Add filtering option to Lend History view
  • Add Stakes to Dashboard Running Contracts view
  • Add detailed explanation to Stake Options’ Rewards, with examples
  • Add a combined Stake option between BTC-ILK and ETH-ILK. Customers can earn more yield with combined stakes.
  • Add BTC and ETH Stake options with fixed one-month contracts.
  • Add a new way to manage your loan contracts: Instant Credit Line.
  • Instant Credit Line helps to access extra loan amounts from running Loan contracts with a high overcollaterization rate.
  • Instant Credit Line calculates with the original overcollaterization level and original lent amount of a contract without further prepayments and collateral amount modifications. (Borrowed money from Instant Credit Line must be repaid by the end of the original contract.)

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Improve the KYC process to comply with the new EU 5 AML Directive.
  • Improve internal AML screening process
  • Improve weekly affiliate result notification email
  • Complete Lend/Borrow API endpoints with APY calculation, beside APR calculations
  • Fix affiliate reward calculation to Stake and Managed Lending rewards. (~50% reduce)
  • Prepare to switch interest communication and calculation only with APY based, to make INLOCK services more comparable.
  • Fix TokenMarket OHLC calculation (remove unnecessary rounding)