Last month was so exciting here! 

Our biggest rockets are launched: Savings Account is finally available for our customers and we also got new independent security and process audit for the platform. In addition to all of this, we also had a podcast with Philip Swift, you can check it above!

The end of September was outstanding! 

We participated in a conference and also had a joint offer with MrCoin, where our customers can try INLOCK without high commissions!

We would like to thank you for your activity last week, so we took a snapshot of those used the INLOCK app for the past 7 days. These customers will all receive a one-time welcome-activity bonus worth 400 ILK. 1200 customers have already got it.

There is still a quarter of the year left! We wish to spend this time in a useful way! 

More surprising announcements will come from the second half of October! 

Stay tuned! INLOCK is evolving!