Savings Account has been launched in #INLOCK. Earning interest on your cryptos cannot be easier! With the new Savings Account, interest is paid every week for all coins. Earn on every week without locks, long-term commitments, or other limitations!

Actively using the INLOCK Savings Account, but haven’t felt addressed so far through the ILK token interest bonus offers?

In addition to the existing bonus of ILK 100,000 and ILK 1 million, we newly introduce a lower bonus level of ILK 25,000 allowing you to increase your weekly income by 5%!

To make the harvest fun all around: we also increase the annual interest rates on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC tokens!

INLOCK Savings Rates

Deposit your Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, PAXG, or any of the other supported coins and earn high interest, paid in weekly yields.

 • Compounded interest, counted on the weekly turns!

 • No minimum deposits!

 • No lockups, fees, or other service charges!

 • Quit any time you wish without any penalties!

Your yields will be calculated based on the following pre-fixed yearly interest rate in the current period. These rates are available when you have at least 1 million ILK token in your Savings Account! You can check Savings Rates without 1M ILK commitment on

INLOCK Savings rates