This fall, INLOCK has actively participated in several events as well and now we can give you a glimpse into them.

One of them was the eFINANCE & Fintechfestival on the 29th of September. It was a hybrid event that only the speakers and the staff could attend and the audience could follow it online at the same time. Our CEO, Csaba Csabai had a speech about the experience of managing cryptocurrency deposits on a national and international basis.

We can talk about conventional banking services and how much they are pioneers because of introducing immediate payments and online identification due to the domestic laws, but on the other hand, in the world of cryptocurrencies, it has already passed off and showed inexplicable solutions like Flash loans for example, while framing the law and the controlling environment.

INLOCK presents on eFinanace conference

Hybrid conferences become more and more popular!

The most recent conference was the FintechShow2020 on the 13th of October where INLOCK also had its own stand. It was a much more open-minded event (in the means of glancing at the future), we heard new aspects on the fields of banking, insurance, even telecommunications and ideas of collaborating with early-stage financial technology startups. The conference was held in 3 different halls, from the morning until late afternoon. It can be said that when it comes to cryptos, there was a mention of them in almost every speech, moreover, cryptos and the world of blockchain had their own section!



It rather proves that this is the topic that everybody talks about yet they do not dare to try and use, because they don’t understand them completely, however it would be necessary.
This is why Csaba has also given a speech with the title of “Quantum leap on everyday finances – Life on the chain”, and brought this mysterious world closer with simple and more comprehensible examples for the more conservative listeners.

FintechShow2020 also provided online streaming due to the limited capacity of participants.
Take a look at this video!

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Online meetup with Decentrader

We also organized two meetups in September for our local community in the Hungarian language, where we discussed the topic of DeFi vs. CeFi, we talked about use-cases, and analyzed trends.
Since the event turned out to be such a big success, the INLOCK team plans to have more meetups shortly!

Last but not least, our CEO, Csaba Csabai featured in the podcast of Philip Swift (@PositiveCrypto, The topics also included what DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is and how it is connected to INLOCK. You can take a look at the live stream here.

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