We are showing you some details about why it is beneficial to own ILK tokens.
Just like everything else, the structure of tokens also became simpler and easier to use on the INLOCK platform.

You can get discounts in 3 different groups currently, besides, the ILK tokens stored in the Savings Account also bear interest just like the rest of the 13 tokens.

See our current bonus levels here:

In the case of storing 25.000 ILK tokens, the amount of weekly paid interest amount increases by 5%.
Whereas in case of storing 100.000 ILK tokens, the amount of weekly paid interest amount increases by 12%.
The best offer in turn is storing 1 million ILK tokens, while the amount of weekly paid interest amount increases by 20%.

The ILK token carries a 3,24% interest on an annual level currently.

Let’s take an example in theory:

If the received amount of interest exceeds the price of 25.000, 100.000 or 1 million ILK with at least 20%, then it is obviously worth buying ILK from the price of expected annual interest, even beforehand, since the purchased ILK will also continue to carry interest. Furthermore, the client will also get a higher amount of interest for their other stored coins.

Being aware of that, let’s take a look at an example:

If your balance stored in the Savings Account is worth 1200 USD, and you receive an annual interest of 7% on average, then your expected annual income will be roughly 84 USD worth of crypto coins. However, 84 USD is worth 26.000 ILK based on the current exchange rate, therefore if you buy them, the annual interest can approach the value of 90 USD. Moreover, besides the higher level of interest, you can benefit from further advantages, which we will keep announcing continuously shortly!

ILK is an independent, audited ERC20 token, its emission took place in the first quarter of 2018 and it is available on the INLOCK token market since the 15th of January, 2019. The token’s introduction for the Liquid.com stock exchange took place on 30.09.2019. (Find it at https://www.liquid.com)

Liquid has the fifth biggest traffic in crypto exchanges according to the survey of www.bti.live, an independent market analyst. Among other duties, Liquid enables clients to buy ILK tokens directly from their debit cards.

We redesigned the original ‘consumption price’ model at the beginning of 2020 while adjusting it to the popular membership model, which seems to be a good choice because the price of the token keeps increasing constantly due to the high demand. The exchange rate has increased from 0,14 USD to the current rate of 0,33 USD since July.

One of the first services of the platform was TokenMarket which is available to our clients invariably since the beginning, on the link of https://prod.inlock.io/under the “Services” bar. It is possible to purchase Ethirium, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and USDC coins on the INLOCK token market.

Customers of domestic currency exchanges – such as MrCoin and Coinmixed – can buy the ILK token for HUF and EUR (so-called FIAT currencies). Find them on the following links: