The INLOCK has celebrated the second birthday of the platform’s operation in the middle of January! But it wasn’t only ours, Bitcoin also had its birthday and the exchange rate really caught the eyes this month.

We presented our two-year Development Plan to the audience of INLOCK, and the international CryptoUnit introduced our services to their readers as well:

Active users of the Savings Account hold cryptos there in the value of $12 394 on average currently, meanwhile, the average amount was $8061 in December. What we conclude from this data is that our users trust us more and more and hold bigger value in their wallets that are handled by us.

INLOCK’s mobile application has been updated a little more than a week ago, as it also includes asking for the interest payment in ILK tokens now. This might be the reason why it closed one of its strongest month in the token market; more than 7 million tokens were exchanged since the end of December.