We left the year 2020 behind us and the first steps of INLOCK as a startup. We provide a steady service that is used constantly by thousands of clients. This year is the first one in the history of the INLOCK project that we are not starting by throwing away all our previous results and rebuilding the whole system from scratch. Our service has matured and become stable. It’s time for us to look ahead and dream big! What can be expected in the next year and a half or two?

For those who would like to read a short excerpt, here is the point in headlines:

  • Retail focus: Badge system and in-platform swap function!
  • Introduction of sub-accounts with several special options, such as time lock, time capsule, or even a higher interest rate for fixed-term locks.
  • Retiring the current front-end of the website and switching to a completely new and modern interface, following the mobile application.
  • Security focus: time lock functions and changing security functions to a self-service mode that originally required support intervention. For example, changing email addresses, 2fa reset, changing phone numbers, replacing expired documents
  • Managing the ILK ecosystem towards the current membership model. New discounts and opportunities for the ILK token owners.
  • Simplifying the lending function and introducing the ∅fee model.
  • Developing the white label program further and announcing the first serious partners.
  • Retail API support
  • Daily operation focus: Numerous under-engine developments are ahead of us to be able to serve ten or even a hundred times as many customers even with very rapid growth.
  • Further development of the INLOCK Prime program.

We have big plans… and these are just the items that are already planned at least on a concept level and are also prioritized. In addition, we run numerous research projects, and depending on their completion, we might expand functions in this roadmap cycle, such as: internal payment system, internal transfers between customers, fiat gateway, fiat money loans or the possibility of non-crypto based coverage. But all of these developments are currently in a very early planning phase. We could say these are the cocktail cherries on the already humped whipped cream hill.

Do you have questions about certain items? We can already provide some answers in some cases!

Badge system

Undoubtedly, INLOCK’s best decision of the past year was to introduce the bonus-leveled ILK membership model and the associated extra interest credits. This development has helped a lot in stabilizing the ILK token ecosystem. It’s time to start rewarding the loyalty of ILK token holders as well.

The badge system will act as its tool, where our clients can collect gold, silver and bronze medals monthly. Each of the categories is handled the same way as the interest categories of the Savings Account. If the client owns for example 150 thousand ILK tokens, then they will receive a silver badge for 100 thousand ILK and two bronze badges for 25 thousand ILK.

In case they own 1.250.000 ILK, they will receive one gold, two silver and 2 bronze badges.

What is the badge good for? The badge provides the same benefits to the user for a limited time (1 month) as it would apply to the same amount of ILK tokens. So if a customer has purchased 100,000 ILK to receive the 12% interest bonus, they will receive 1 silver badge, which can be given to a friend, acquaintance, who can also enjoy the 12% interest for a month after activation without having to buy the required amount of ILK.

Badges can be freely passed on, conveyed, even a custom code can be produced for each badge, so all you have to do is send the code… or even publish it for whoever gets it!

The most important goal of the Badge system is to help the first steps of the new users and provide an experience of success without having to make a significant commitment. It will also be an important tool in the Pioneer Program, as it allows you to add badges to your invitations right away, thus building your own network more efficiently!


We constantly analyze the needs and habits of our clients, based on which we see that the INLOCK platform is tempting for many active traders. Here, we talk about traders who are forced to deposit and withdraw on a daily basis, only to exchange their assets on external platforms. We introduce the swap function to eliminate this inconvenience, which allows clients to instantly switch crypto assets stored on the platform to stablecoin or oppositely, to rush from stablecoin to Bitcoin, Ethereum or other positions. All these are at prompt market rates and the operation is performed immediately after its approval. Concrete trade transactions will be provided by one of the largest OTC desks in the world, with whom we have been in business for nearly a year. We will continue to work to provide the best possible exchange rates and costs for the clients of INLOCK.


During the year 2020, one of the most dominant client needs was the demand for implementing sub-accounts. Managing separated sub-accounts within the Savings Account seems to be a much-wanted feature, so this development will get the right priority! With the help of sub-accounts, you can easily create different categories in which your managed assets are entirely separated, so it is not possible that e.g. your savings set aside for a vacation or the education your child will be swept away in a careless moment, forgetting their purpose. But we will not stop at this level, we will implement features such as:

  • time lock: you can choose intervals of when you are able to withdraw from the given sub-accounts and in some cases, what percentage of the amount can you reduce. 
  • time capsule: with the capsule function, you can choose until what date should your sub-account be locked. It is not possible to withdraw any assets from it, but you can deposit at any time. You can even create a so-called requisition code, which practically functions as the private key of the sub-account. Whoever owns the key has the contents of the sub-account. This ensures that your loved ones and family members have access to the assets you have placed with all the interest, even if for any reason you would not be able to dispose of it.

And why is it beneficial to use the time lock and the time capsule? Because the INLOCK platform honors long-term commitment with extremely high interest rates!

In addition to the features above, we are planning several additional enhancements to the Sub-Accounts. Just a few examples: community and group sub-accounts with individually adjustable spending limits. Another example is that the interest credited on a weekly basis should be credited to an (even group) sub-account, or restrictions should be made so that only a certain percentage or amount of the weekly interest is swept into a given sub-account.

ILK ecosystem

In 2020, we succeeded to find the final identity of the ILK token. It is time for us to pass on this road. The extra interests of the Savings Account product were only the first steps. We can honor the loyalty of our clients in several other ways. Only to present a couple of examples: significantly discounted or even no-fee withdrawal prices. Sure enough! You can even take out a loan 20% below the interest level of the market. You can even get more discounts if you repay the interest in ILK tokens, not to mention the option that you will be able to take out a loan in ILK tokens as well!

The list is far from over. The ILK token will encompass the entire INLOCK service palette in its entirety. Of course, our approach still won’t change: The platform can be used completely freely, without any restrictions for those who don’t own ILK tokens, but if someone is still committed to the token, they will certainly receive significant discounts and bonuses!

White label and API support

In addition to accessing the existing web and mobile app, the INLOCK API service will also be opened, through which our existing customers can even create custom integrations and their own developments. The White label program will be an important innovation through which partners can integrate with INLOCK and manage and capitalize on their own clients’ assets, thus providing them with access to complex services such as the Savings Account.