We are proud to announce that we have created a whole new appearance for Inlock, which you can see for the first time on our website! The fresh and more vibrant design will be soon launched on our other platforms as well, so our mobile and web apps will also be given a new look and the new brand.

Just like our website, the Inlock logo is also updated! Inlock’s former logo originated from the former company name IncomeLocker, representing the “locked-in” nature of our service at the time. Since then, Inlock has undergone several innovations, our services have adapted to customer needs and trends, so now the new logo is also a reflection of our openness.

We applied a fresher, more customer-friendly color scheme. Our aim was to create a more cohesive image and a stronger, more relevant look. Along with this modern look, we intend to appeal to a newer clientele.

For us, this new appearance is a pleasure to look at and we hope you will love it as much as we do!

Providing the finest service will always come in the first place!

The most important thing is still not the way we look, but the service we offer!  We aim to continue to provide it with the same high standards as before. Our customer service is constantly expanding and we are working with a team that is getting bigger and bigger to ensure that we can accomplish as many improvements as possible. The approach we operate with will not change despite the new brand, but will be streamlined and even more customer-friendly.

You’ll see a lot of new content on our website compared to the old one.

On the home page, you can read a comprehensive description, while the Earn, Borrow, Swap and Token pages will give you a slightly more in-depth guide to the products. The content of these pages will be expanded more in the future.

With the new look, we are also addressing a message that our developments are not only technically, but also visually cutting edge.

The new logo and its versions are available on the company page under Press & Digital Assets.

We hope you are delighted by the new refreshed design and will be happy to recommend Inlock’s services to your friends through the referral program.

We keep evolving, are you keeping up?