We have some great news for you! From now on, you don’t have to worry about network fees either! Take advantage on using Inlock!

Earlier, we have revealed that we will be working on a ∅ fee model and in the meantime, taking over some of your network cost. Now is the time to deliver that promise.

As many of you have already noticed, we started a promotion period where all Litecoin (LTC) withdrawals are now free for 1 month. In addition, from now on, we will be covering the network costs of 1 transfer per client per month.

You’re better off with ILK again!

In fact… if you have a certain amount of ILK tokens in your Savings Account as well:

We are covering the network costs of…

🎉 25k ILK – 2️⃣ withdrawals monthly!

🥳 100k ILK – 4️⃣ withdrawals monthly!

🎊 1M ILK – up to 1️⃣0️⃣ withdrawals monthly!

Depending on your ILK balance, you can save hundreds of dollars a month!

That’s how serious we are about our commitments!

Find out about bonus levels!

By owning our platforms’ native token, the ILK token in your Savings Account, you are eligible to reach different bonus levels, and this means you can earn even more in interest (5% more by owning 25.000 ILK; 12% more by owning 100.000 ILK and 20% more by owning 1.000.000 ILK). In the case of borrowing on the Inlock platform, the higher a bonus level is that you have reached, the lower your interest will be when asking for a loan.

Important facts to know about:

– Free withdrawals (LTC, USDC after borrowing) do NOT reduce your free withdrawal limit!

– Free withdrawals are recharged on the first day of each month.

– You can already see in the mobile app and web app if a withdrawal will be free, and your email notification will include it.

– YES!!! These bonuses will also apply to the soon-to-be-launched Badge system!