With the new limit buy and instant sell features, Inlock Tokenmarket has become a fully fledged exchange!

Inlock’s first service (that has been in operation for more than 2.5 years) has undergone a major innovation, setting up the new limit-price purchase and instant sell features. With these additions, it is now fully up-to-date for today’s requirements.

In recent years, we have made countless improvements to serve our clients and now, the Inlock tokenmarket was next in line, as it has been available to our clients in its unchanged form. During the development, which has become very timely, we have taken our clients’ previous needs and expectations into account and based on these, we have expanded and updated it with new functions

The tokenmarket was the first openly available service of the Inlock project and was the only marketplace for ILK tokens until September 2019, when they were listed on the Liquid exchange, where they are still available as well.

More than 60% of our platform users have already used the tokenmarket on our platform, which has had its own marketplace since 16 January 2019, with more than 2 billion ILK tokens exchanged so far.

After the developments, tokenmaket became a truly bilateral exchange service where our clients can place both buy and sell orders with immediate or limit price execution.

For limit orders, the platform still only supports the so-called POST-ONLY order types.

We continue to treat the tokenmarket service as the core element of the ILK token ecosystem and hope that the recent developments will make it easier and more convenient for our clients to access and actively trade tokens.