During the latest Inlock release, we have implemented two new features that are useful and valuable on their own, but they are also preconditions for many future developments that our clients will be able to access in the upcoming months.

Launching alias

With alias options, our customers can add up to five unique names to their account. They already have access to several functions through these names, but in the future, Inlock will have quite a few features of community experience where aliases will play a big role.

When choosing your alias, it is important to avoid using terms that are misleading or refer to another known person, business or brand. Also avoid using obscene or offensive terms. Inlock reserves the right to terminate any alias if it violates the rules above.

By using aliases, you can benefit from two functions: on one hand, you can use them instead of your existing pioneer code, making it much easier for your invitees to register with your code; on the other hand, aliases make it easier to use the internal transfer function, since instead of typing long email addresses, you can use short aliases to transfer a certain amount of crypto assets to a friend.

Internal transfers

This feature allows you to safely and conveniently transfer any crypto asset to other Inlock users. To use the internal transfer function, a 2FA confirmation is required and the parties will also receive an email notification about the transfer. This function is completely free to use.

To select the recipient, you can use either their email address or aliases. This is in fact supported by an interactive search engine, which shows the previous recipient addresses and aliases and helps you to select the recipient after typing in a few characters.

Internal transfers and privacy: In case a client does not want their email address to be found, they can easily disable the possibility of initiating internal transfers through their email address in the security settings.