The Inlock Team haven’t stopped working and developing the platform in the last months of the year either, we are introducing a wide range of new features in December as well! Some of them are already available and some are being activated on an ongoing basis!

The Badge system has been partially implemented!

The long-awaited Badge system is finally available on the Inlock platform, both on mobile and the web app. Inlock users can now access higher interest rates and value-added services through the Badge feature. An activated Badge provides benefits for 30 days. The bronze, silver and gold badges provide benefits for 25,000, 100,000 and 1 million ILK. Badge-related features will be activated on an ongoing basis.

Through Badge, we effectively tokenize the benefits of the ILK token for a limited period of time, so the client does not need to engage with ILK token.

A total of three badges will be introduced, representing the three ILK token bonus levels:

🥉 bronze badge: the benefits of holding 25k ILK will be given to the user for 30 days.

🥈 silver badge: the benefits of holding 100k ILK will be given to the user for 30 days.

🥇 gold badge: the benefits of holding 1M ILK will be given to the user for 30 days.

Two versions of the three badges (bronze, silver and gold) will be available: freely transferable and account-based. The former can be freely transferred to another INLOCK client, the latter can only be used by its owner.

Strong Fund Protection and HODL mode now available

Strong Fund Protection and HODL mode give you the opportunity to take the security of your Inlock account to an even higher level! You can turn off all the loopholes that allow crypto to be transferred out of your account, which excludes the withdrawal you initiated (for example, you can’t initiate an internal transfer from your account or immediately transfer to a new withdrawal address after borrowing.) The withdrawal can be made to the pre-registered addresses.

The HODL mode does not allow allocations to registered addresses either. This can be useful if you are going on holiday or want to reserve your crypto to use it later.

Thanks to the upgrade due in early December, new features have been added to the Inlock platform, such as the time lock for security functions, which can now be freely set between one hour and one month.

You can use them from now as the preset time limit when registering new addresses, since we wanted to created the possibility of not waiting for a withdrawal if you don’t want to use the default security setting.

We have also introduced additional comfort services!

The password change and email address change functions are now available on the platform, and can be managed by all our users without the help of support. Find them on the web under the services bar and on mobile under the settings menu.

Possible network congestions can be indicated in case of withdrawals, so the delays that are beyond our control are also visible.

Financial overview reports can be prepared for different time periods

You can create an easy-to-read financial extracts, which also gives you lots of extra information about the outcome of your previous transactions. The report also gives you the fiat value of your cryptos against the dollar exchange rate. You can request it in the settings on mobile and in the services menu on the web, and the system will automatically send you the overview by email.

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