A new Swap competition in coming in September!

We are inviting You to participate in our September Swap competition! This time everyone will have the chance to win the rewards on equal terms!

The total prize for the Swap competition is 4200 USDC!

You can enter the draw for every total of $1,000 swapped, however, the total value of $1,000 can be made up of multiple exchanges. You will have as many virtual lottery tickets in the draw as the number of times your swap balance has exceeded $1,000 in that period!

We draw every 10 days!

Winners will be drawn on the 10th, 20th and 30th of September.

The higher the value of your crypto exchanges, the more chances you have to win!

A total of 1400 USDC will be awarded in each draw, as listed below

🥇 1000 USDC will be awarded to one winner among Gold membership clients each time.

🥈 250 USDC will be awarded to one winner among Silver membership clients each time.

🥉 100 USDC will be awarded to one winner among Bronze membership clients each time.

⭐ The winning client without membership will receive a prize of 50 USDC each time.


What is Inlock membership and how can you upgrade to a higher level?

Our clients can become members by owning Inlock’s native token, the ILK token. The three membership levels require holding different amounts of ILK tokens, which can be stored in the Inlock Savings Account, earning additional interest.

Inlock clients must own

  • 1,000,000 ILK or a Gold Badge to reach the Gold membership level,
  • 100,000 ILK or a Silver Badge to reach the Silver membership level,
  • and 25,000 ILK tokens or a Bronze Badge to achieve the Bronze membership level.

Purchasing tokens is possible through the Inlock Tokenmarket after logging in to the user account.

Why is it worth reaching a higher membership level?

Owners of a sufficient amount of tokens can also earn higher interest rates on their cryptocurrencies stored in the Savings Account.

With Gold membership, the interest rate is increased by 20% above the base rate, 12% by having Silver membership and 5% with Bronze membership.