Dear Inlock Clients,

The prioritization of Inlock’s recovery and restructuring plan was approved internally yesterday, and its stages will be shared with our clients in the coming days. The plan aims to restore Inlock’s operations without waiting for the pending damage to be resolved.

We have received several requests from our clients to suffer minor losses in exchange for quick access to their assets stuck on the Inlock platform. In most cases, these requests are driven by personal constraints, such as over-exposure to Inlock or payment due soon, meaning the client may not afford to go through a long suspension period. A particularly high number of requests were made because some of our users have high exposure to volatile assets on the platform and, in the current market situation, would prefer to keep these assets under their control or in another service where they can also register conditional orders.

Inlock’s technical team and legal consultants have looked into this demand from our clients. As a result, we included an early payout option with a loss deduction in Inlock’s recovery and restructuring plan, which will be launched in the first days of next week. Clients can submit their requests on the Inlock web interface until the 30th of November, and payments will be made in the first days of December.

I would like to take this opportunity to reassure clients who do not wish to take advantage of this option as they will not be impacted negatively by the scheme, and the structure of their assets stored on the Inlock platform will not change in any way after the early payments.

In the past few days, more and more players have disclosed their involvement in the FTX incident. Neither the Inlock platform nor its institutional lending partners have any exposure to the players in question.

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