We are delighted to share the details of a new exclusive and restricted offer to specific customers (see details below)!

With the cooperation and funding support of Inlock Prime members, all our clients (who did not migrate before) with a balance of less than $1000 will have the opportunity to withdraw all their assets stuck on the Inlock platform from today as part of the “Early Payout” program. Clients who qualify for the payout will be notified of the opportunity to apply from today and will be able to indicate on the Inlock platform by 17 March at the latest whether they wish to take advantage of the buyout option. The buyouts are for the total amount, so stakeholders can not only request a payout without a loss deduction, but these payouts also have a small positive impact on the platform’s outstanding losses!

The offer will apply to all the assets of the affected clients, including frozen LUNA tokens and of course ILK tokens as well. 

The payment will be made in accordance with the previous rules of the “Early Payout”. Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions, all of the client’s assets will be converted to USDC, without any exchange fees being charged. Allocations will be made on a regular basis until the 17th of March, so beneficiaries do not have to wait until the application deadline.

Terms and Conditions of the ‘Early Payment’ Program

These terms and conditions reflect the connected terms and conditions of the Service Provider’s Recovery and Restructuring Plan program, issued on 1.1.2023. The Early Payment program is provide special terms and conditions of Service Provider’s Terms and Condition of Use, entitle “Terms and Conditions of Use”, last amended on 08.06.2022, between Inlock Services UAB (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Service Provider’), a company incorporated under the laws of Lithuania, and you, the Customer.

Participation in the Early Payment Program is subject to acceptance without modification of all provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

The Customer acknowledges that by participating in the ‘Early Payment’ program, he fully accepts the following specific terms of use and expressly waives his right to claim in any way the value of the assets deducted during the program or to assert any other legal claim against the Service Provider after joining the program.

Before accepting the contents of this Terms and Conditions of the ‘Early Payment’ Program, please read them carefully.

The ‘Early Payment’ Program

During this restricted and limited offer, You as a client can initiate a withdrawal (within 24 hours after the accept of conditions!), whereby the all of your existing assets are converted to USDC and paid out without any deduction (including service fees as well).By entering and accepting the program, You, as a client, explicitly waive any right to claim any addition payments, compensation, missed profit or to make any other legal claim against the Service Provider.

You, as a Client, acknowledge that withdrawals from the platform can only be initiated in USDC stablecoin. Furthermore, the withdrawal is subject to an upper limit of 1,000 USD equivalent USDC.

Clients who initiate or accept an internal transfer after the announcement of this restricted and limited offer will automatically lose their right, or their already accepted claim will be rejected!

All assets will be automatically converted to USDC before the payment without any additional fees.

This restricted and limited offer is valid until the 17th of March 2023, 12 PM (CET). Missing the deadline is liable to forfeiture.